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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Aug 14, 2009.

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    I am trying - so very hard - to not be a mule about this....but....

    45+ year old SpEd teacher's grandma died and they called off the IEP meeting. It is now tentatively set for Tuesday afternoon.

    School starts Wednesday.

    I'm sorry her grandma died, but maybe we should have been working on this 3 weeks ago, not NOW. They have no intentions to have him there for a full day or to give him any different paras. "He needs to learn to work with a variety of people".

    He needed to have a group of people working together to get things in place for him for school, that starts Wednesday, a month ago.

    I'm sorry your grandma's dead, but my kid is still alive, and they are planning to do exactly what they did last year with him.

    Over my dead body.

    I have not been this angry in a long while.
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    Nope! It's a good thing - now you can research a WHOOOOLE bunch of stuff. Go onto the COPPA website and get on the email list. Write them and let them know what is being pushed on you (1/2 days, different paras etc.) and ask for their help getting lawsuit results. Many of these people are advocates and lawyers. They'll help you out.

    Make sure that you pound "FAPE" and "LEAST RESTRICTIVE ENVIRONMENT".

    As I think of stuff, I'll try to post.

    Talk to you later!

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    I really think you need to call your state board of ed, get an advocate, get a lawyer. These partial school days are just a blatant violation of IDEA. He will forever be playing catch up academically and it's in my humble opinion discrmination based on his disability. If they can't handle him, they need to find an academic placement that can. There is no medical reason for the half days - it's staff convenience.

    (Sorry - I know I've said that before but I just burn when I think of the time that is being wasted and how they are setting him up for academic struggles indefinitely. If he's not in school, there's not a chance of him getting FAPE. What makes me just sizzle though is the fact that he's *7* for goodness sake. What on earth do they think is in their plan that will help him participate (to say nothing of succeed) academically next year, or the year after?)
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    Sending lots of warrior mom strength for that extra push. You're right, this is so not fair. Sounds like he's being set up to fail.