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    My son has 2 teachers, one is his main teacher and then the whole class switches about half way through the day to another teacher. I hear lots of complaints about teacher 2. But virtually none from teacher 1 (the main one).
    We had a meeting today which to my surprise, both teachers were there and also the Special Education. department head.
    Teacher 2 immediately told me she is having some major problems with- difficult child. Most of which center around him getting off task and not finishing his work. Example: They were doing a worksheet yesterday and difficult child left the room to go to the bathroom. When he returned, he "forgot" (in his own words) what they were supposed to be doing. The teacher said he purposely sat there staring off and did not complete the sheet. I asked her if she redirected him. She said "no, i have 22 students in my class room, i can't do that".......STOP THE BUS LADY....with my face burning (cause you don't know how many times I have heard this excuse over the years)...I said, he has an IEP that states clearly that he is supposed to be verbally redirected when he is off task. She crossed her arms and just shrugged her shoulders at me. I looked to the spec. ed lady for help and she said, it is hard to always redirect when you have that many kids!!
    That is not my problem, nor difficult children!! aggggggg
    I am wondering now if I need to request an IEP meeting with the principal there and address this directly with her with him (and possibly an advocate) in the room.
    Does any one know how I can find an advocate here in Virginia Beach, VA? We just moved here over the summer.
    Please give me your thoughts.
    Also, difficult child is on concerta and they just upped his dosage amount about 2 weeks ago. Should I request that they up it again since he is having these problems staying on task?
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    might check in the Special Education forum, they are the experts. I would call the principal and the head of special services or whatever they call it.

    This is absolutely stupid, in my humble opinion, b/e if they can take the time to know he "forgot" in his own words, they can take 10 seconds and say,"do the worksheet on your desk:. Heck, it would only take 3 seconds.

    Just don't let them tell him he cannot go to the bathroom. You would be surprised at how often it happens. medications can make them need to potty more.

    If he has seizures he may not be able to take more concerta. It may lower the seizure threshold, or whatever. Be sure to remind them of seizures when you call about the medications.

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    I have a question..If teacher #1 doesn't have an issue with your difficult child and teacher #2 does, Is this a transition issue? My ducky doesnt handle change or transition well. The subs complain about him being distracted, not on task and even disruptive. His regular teacher doesn't have many issues with him.

    It is frustrating when they recomend things to be put in place and then they aren't followed. Have you contacted your Special Education director at the school district?

    I would call his psychiatrist and let them know of the issues, but I dont think I would be so quick to up his dose. I am not an expert, but it sounds like your difficult child & teacher #2 are not a good fit.

    I will see what I can come up with in your area for help.
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    Uhhhh, that is soooo wrong. Teacher 2's attitude stinks. If it were me (and I just ended a year long nasty law suit and won it) I'd demand enforcement of his IEP.

    1) I would let the teacher know (in a strict firm, yet respectful voice) that it will NOT be acceptable for her to disregard his IEP and take the lazy way out.
    2) I'd make a meeting with the principle and state that his IEP is not being followed, and that you are monitoring this for compliance and expect this situation to be reversed immediately.
    3) I'd write all of this down in your notes.
    4) I'd write a formal letter stating the above, and that if it is not corrected immediately then you will take further actions. Send this to the school, Sp. Ed Dept, State Ed Dept, etc. Go as far up as you can.
    5) I'd look for and contact a lawyer that specializes in this.
    6) Wait to see if they comply, if not demand an emergency IEP meeting with your lawyer going with you.
    7) If they still don't comply, I'd file suit.

    If you asked me this last year, I'd be very soft on the answer and give them a benefit of doubt. But now, seeing what slime they are and what games they will play I now am totally different. And I don't "play" anymore. Period. I, and only I, will stand up for my son's rights and demand that he is treated with respect and that his IEP is complied with 100%. Not only that, but I have his "Neuro-psychiatric/Educational expert on teaching disabled kids" named as the designer & monitor if his IEP, and their compliance. It's unfortunate, but we have to be tough b$%#'s for the sake of our kids. Good luck.
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    As Hanging-On advised in her post:

    4) I'd write a formal letter stating the above, and that if it is not corrected immediately then you will take further actions. Send this to the school, Sp. Ed Dept, State Ed Dept, etc. Go as far up as you can.

    Send it certified!! That is what I keep reading here, that way you have proof that the higher up's received it.

    I was instructed by a law office and a advocate to bring a tape recorder with me to meetings..if you do this You must inform those at the meeting and ask if they have any objections

    Turn the tape recorder on after they approve. Then re-ask if they have any objections to you recording the meeting, then state the date, time, purpose of the meeting and who is present and then proceed with the meeting
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    I agree with the others. My problem is if she notices him staring into space why can't she redirect him? I can see if she didn't notice immediately (even though 22 is a great class size-I have 27 this year) but once she did she needed to redirect! How much time does it take to do a redirect? Geesh!
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    I agree. She didn't seem to have trouble noticing he was off task, and why. So why was it such a big deal just to point out what he needed to be doing?

    I feel your frustration. been there done that too many times.