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    I had the meeting this morning, and it went really well. Not only did they listen but also made TONS of suggestions to accomodate V's needs. They were focused on ALL aspects of his well being, not just academics. And not once was it brought up that he does not qualify for Special Education. Actually it was brought up but NOT used as an excuse to do nothing. The principal even said that Ms. A (Special Education teacher) could take V in her group in a "non-official way". She said that if it were to be best for V, than that's what they will do.
    The principal respected my wishes to have Ms. R as V's K teacher. Which is really good as I have an established relationship with her and, I think, is a great teacher.
    Right in front of me she changed the lunch schedule so that V's class will go to the cafeteria first without any other class in the hope to keep the overstimulation to a minimum.
    We discussed the use of visual strategies. The teacher will have a visual schedule on the wall and make one for V that he can keep on his desk, something that he can check once the task is done. They will dig out some head set and see if it helps him when he becomes overstimulated, they will also use his weighted ves as needed.
    They talked about giving him 2 spots in the classroom: one with his group (they are gathered in group of 5 kids) and an individual desk to use when he needs some alone time.
    I was glad that they actually offered practical suggestions, not just smile and nod. I believe it is an excellent sign.
    At one point, Aspergers/Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) was mentioned and I explained that he was on the waiting list of the XX program. The principal knew about it and took it VERY seriously that the xx program wanted to persue a full and final evaluation (after review of his file and a 1 hour interview with V and I).
    I want to believe that V will be in good hands in this school. They said that the communication between us will be daily and that we will all work together.
    It does not mean things will be easy and all rosy, but I feel the school will do its best to help V grow.
    K-camp starts tomorrow and Mr. R will have him the first day. But she also said that she will keep him the whole 3 days if she feels it would do more harm than good for V to change teacher the 2nd and then 3rd day.
    V is excited about K camp. I can't wait to see how he does!
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    It really does sound like you are off to a good start. No, nothing is ever perfect, and there will be bumps. But... if you have the principal on you side, that says a LOT... because usually, the principal is responsible for the school budget, knows where the dollars need to go - and if it's a good one, they know how to "work the system".
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    I wish ALL schools were like that.....even if they just sounded good. Too often, things are pushed aside or discounted and there are always excuses about why they can't do x, y, or z. I am sooooo glad you have stayed on top of everything and that you have a school district that actually might care.

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    Wow! I won't say I'm jealous but... I'm jealous! :) That sounds so good and I really hope they put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. Great news.
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    Cool! That is GREAT!
    I hope they keep up the good work and that the teachers stay on board throughout the school year. This looks promising.
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    Yes, I know. It sounds really good. I know for a fact that the teacher is not all talk. She was Partner's K teacher and she was really on top of things. Partner is quite advanced and she kept on challenging him even if it was beyond the k program. She seems to adapt to the child's level. She told me she already uses sign language in her classroom, uses mirrors to teach letter sounds, etc. Real good stuff.
    I've prepared V for tomorrow, let him know that he will have to get out of the car and walk to the cafeteria like a big boy. Technically, I could walk him in tomorrow but will try not to. If I do it once, it will be hard for him to understand that I can't do it later on.
    I've recently realized that he follows rules that are ALWAYS the same. But rules that change depending on the situation, forget it: V is lost.
    I try to use it to my advantage now. LOL. And told the teacher and principle that as well. And to keep in mind: if he consistantly break a rule, it means he does not understand it, it does not make sense to him.
    The dirty diaper on the rug in the morning... problem solved: littering is illegal outside AND inside of the house. The rule is to put garbage in the trash can. A dirty diaper is garbage so it goes in the can. Works like a charm! Otherwise V might get a ticket. ;)
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    Lost at school and the is a great present or recommendation from parents to teachers