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    So this morning is our manifest determination hearing, or whatever we do to begin the process. The school already told me that they consider difficult child's behavior a manifestation of his disability--so I am not really concerned-I just hate meetings at school. I am really glad that I took the IEP based on an ED and OHI classification. I think that really helped. difficult child has still been pretty wild, even with the addition of the abilify. It is only a 2mg dose, so that could be why. That was at my insistence, I told psychiatrist I wanted to start low and go slow. I am pretty grateful he listens.

    I hope this is not a verbal bash on difficult child. Most of the time the school is good about that, but I just don't know if I can put up with that right now. Just too much going on.
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    Hi! How'd it go? I hope they didn't slam difficult child - I don't think I'd want to be in your path if they did!

    Hope it went well!

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    It went pretty well. Principal did get on him some, according to me maybe a little too much but I kinda set him straight after difficult child left the room. He made some comment about how when difficult child has out of school suspension he should not be having fun. I said that I agreed for the most part, but that difficult child has been beat down enough. That right now the poor kid is lower than dirt, and he is starting to hate school. He started to say something to the affect of I understand or whatever, and I interupted him and said that I meant no disrespect but that I did not need nor want his approval or understanding. What we do at home is our business, and that I felt difficult child got that he did something wrong.

    Basicly there was a paper that said the school followed the IEP, but that the behaviors were a manifestation of his disability. difficult child has already done the equivalent of one day of ISS, and will do 2 others when his classmates go on their overnight field trip. The school resource officer was supposed to come and talk to him, but could not get there apparently before husband picked up difficult child for his therapy appointment.

    I did ask principal if there were any social skills groups over the summer that difficult child could go to, or if there were any funds available to help send him to a day camp over the summer as that would possibly help with social skills. Principal was going to check and get back to me. If I have not heard by Thursday I will call him or email sped director at the school. I hope they can do this, I can get a scholarship thru our local parks and rec dept, but that only covers 20% of the cost of the program that I want to send difficult child to, I would have to pay about 250$ for one week. Might be able to send him for one week. Maybe.

    Thanks for asking. It sure has been a rough few weeks between difficult child and husband.

    I decied that since I took time off to go to difficult child's field trip with him, I am going to go ahead and keep that time off. One night I will go out with the girl's and have a girl's night, and the other I will spend with my family. Maybe go to a movie. I can't wait. Both nights sound good.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I hope the school will help with the social skills camp for the summer. Otherwise it's just too much of a lag in time, and these kids need the continuous reinforcement with this stuff, in my opinion.

    I sure am glad you are going to treat yourself to some "ME" time during those two days you'd planned to take off. You sure do need it! :D
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    by the way, I'm not sure WHERE on the West Coast you are, but in SoCal I found a summer camp for kids like ours that does offer scholarships (it's normally $300 for the 5 nights), or it can be funded through Regional Center. I'm sending difficult child 2 this year. Let me know if you want the info.
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    I live about 8-10 hrs from SoCal(rough estimate) so that would be a bit far for us. I don't know if I could stand to have difficult child that far away, and I am not sure he could take it either. He spends nights with our adult friends occassionally so we can get a break, but has not spent the night with a friend of his own since kindergarten.

    Thanks for the offer though.
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    I am glad it went pretty well. It is nice that they understand his behaviours are part of his diagnosis.
    That is usually one of the biggest battles!
    I made a point in K's meeting of documenting the fact that her "Neurological Condition" can and will cause erratic behaviours. This needs to be taken into account when addressing behaviours; such as... (I then gave examples)
    I gave the example of, This is much like an Epileptic child having a seizure and not in control of their mind or body at the time.
    Until properly medicated, which is always subject to change.

    I then went on to make the comment that the Doctors, Therapists etc. all agree that if there was not support and stability at home she would not be doing half as well as she is doing and this is something we are ALL working on as a team.

    Basically letting them know that you can sit back and drop the ball and then let's see how he is doing?

    Obviously we all know you would not do this, and they do not need to know what is really going on at home. ;)

    It can always be used for the next meeting?

    I hope something can be figured out for summer. We are working on this as well.