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  1. nateisnuts

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    just wondering if anyone else uses melatonin with their difficult child's....mine is 3 and we were told we could use this to help him with his sleep issues by his neurologist. weve been using it for quite awhile does help...but we are up to between 2-3 mgs..he almost seems to be building a resistance? or maybe his sleep problem has gotten beyond simple cycle fixes? we see a sleep dr finally on wednesday and we also see the neurologist that day so ill be bringing this up to both. just seeing if there was any mommy advice to be had :D
  2. tiredmommy

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    I found that melatonin became ineffective for myself within a few weeks, plus I found it made me skim through sleep, rather than get settled into a deep sleep. We used it for awhile with Duckie and it did help us to get her to settle down more quickly. We never intended to continue long term and tapered her off it once we received the desired result.
  3. Lothlorien

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    I've found that I built a resistance to it as well. We've only given it to Missy rarely, when she's having trouble sleeping and it's late and a school night or something like that. I've never given it to her regularly.
  4. Macboys

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    I tried melatonin as well for my 3 year old and it never did a thing. I think his mind just races too much for it take effect because as an experiment my friend and I tried it on her son who has no issues and it worked GREAT.
  5. hearts and roses

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    difficult child also developed a resistence to it. She doesn't even bother anymore. I take it occasionally and it's just enough to help me fall asleep, as that is what I have most trouble with.
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    We just started using Melatonin after reading the posts here. I need to know how long we can use it without resistance build up.

    We are having good luck with it. It seems to calm her so she can relax and fall asleep. I ask her how she's sleeping and she says well, although she's never had an issue staying asleep. It's falling asleep that's the problem.

    And yes, this is my first post here. I know many of you have siggys and I haven't added that, but I have a 6yo daughter with ODD.

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    Welcome Sandy.....Come over to general and introduce yourself!
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    we've been using it for my son for about 3 months now. We started with 1mg and and then 2 mg...and that didn't work, he has been taking 3 mg's and is asleep within 45 minutes of taking it. I really hope that he doesn't build a resistance to it, I do not want him to go back to not sleeping!
  9. megs79

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    should i consult a pediatrician before giving to a 4yo with adhd and odd? she is 45lb do i do 1mg?
    by the way im new here.
    thank you!
  10. misskrystal

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    You can give them to a child no problem, no need to consult as far as I know. It is just a synthetic version of a hormone our body creates for sleep. For my daughter when she was four I would give her a 300mcg pill.

    It will have them asleep within the hour. I love the stuff. Nothing like peace of mind at night.
  11. Woofens

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    My easy child S has been on Melatonin for over 5 years. She does not sleep without it. She also takes Clonidine at night. Our developmental pediatrician told us 1 MG for each year of age. We buy the 3 MG tablets. She takes 3 every night about a half hour before bed. I would not even consider taking her off the Melatonin. It really helps her.

  12. ctmom05

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    My difficult child did not try melatonin, but I did.

    My experience was not particularly positive. I was not even able to [skim through sleep] as tiredmommy put it; I felt rather amped up and did not settle down well. Normally even when I don't sleep well or deeply, I can generally fall asleep easily.

    I would hesitate to choose a supplement for a child without medical supervision.
  13. DDD

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    We used it with difficult child when he was in elementary school. It helped him with the transition and there were no side effects. Good luck. DDD
  14. susiestar

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    I think iwth ANY medication it is a good idea to run it by the doctor. Esp since our kids often react differently to medications than other people do.

    I prefer a medication called Calm Tabs from the Vitamin World Company. It is a blend of herbs and very soothing to the system. And we have never had the resistance that melatonin has given all of us. We also get more refreshing sleep. I use it WITH Ambien or lunesta because my body simply refuses sleep and has for many years.
  15. chipotle

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    I just started my 8 year old on this, well tonight will be the first night. I am hoping it works.
  16. recovering doormat

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    I seem to recall listening to an alternative medicine doctor on a radio show (not an infomercial) say that melatonin isn't harmful but probably won't help with sleeplessness unless your body already has a deficit of the hormone. Elderly people are most likely to benefit because their levels of melatonin decline with age. HTH. by the way, I gave it to my teen age son who suffers from anxiety and it didn't do anything.
  17. howlongto18

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    For us melatonin was a lifesaver! We started it when Carlos was three. Before that we'd usually go to bed exhausted while he was in his room singing... then he'd wake us in the morning. We weren't sure exactly how much sleep he was getting but we knew it wasn't much. We've given him the same dose of 3 mg for three years and his response hasn't changed a bit. As long as we are consistent about giving it to him he usually tires within about 30 minutes and as long as he has no nightmares, he usually sleeps through the night (or mostly so... we still have the occasional 4 am mornings sometimes). He never sleeps late, mind you, but he sleeps.

    I remember asking our doctor and he said it was safe to try but that it most likely wouldn't work. It must depend on the child because we swear by the stuff, and if we ever forget a dose (rare because we look forward to it:)) we know it because he's a sleepless jumping bean.
  18. My difficult child was started on Melatonin for sleep, he was up to 6mg. His psychiatrist took him off of it though, because he said that it can cause mania and since we are trying to get his mania under control, we were trying everything.

    I take Melatonin 3mg for sleep. I actually sleep better than I did when I was taking Ambien.
  19. YoyoMama

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    Has anyone tried giving Magnesium for sleep. There is information that indicates that most of us a magnesium deficient and that it can significantly effect sleep. I discovered a site by a man named George Eby a couple of years ago. I have followed his protocol and received much help. My difficult child 8yo son cannot/willnot swallow pills and so I give him epsom salt baths every evening. I honestly don't know if it helps him or not but at the hopes that it might I continue it.

    Eby describes why magnesium taurate is the only one that is absorbed sufficiently and so I have used that. because my son won't take it I have also tried CALM (available at Whole Foods or natural food stores) which he liked for a while but his oppositional nature will reject almost anything that is good for him that he has to sustain over a lengthy period, CALM included.
  20. BigMamma3

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    I take Cal-Mag-Zinc at bedtime for relaxation and sleep aid. Not sure on the dose. Comes in a big glass bottle and I take two. I sleep so well that I have very intense dreams though.