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  1. tiredmommy

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    I'm thinking of starting Duckie on a melatonin supplement because she just can't seem to fall asleep at night. The poor kid is exhausted! My question is... what dosage would you start her at? She's only 45 lbs. I was thinking 1.5mg or even 1mg and work my way up until it's effective. I'm very nervous to try this since there are no guidelines for kids and no truly comprehensive studies on the effects on children, but rather a growing body of anecdotal evidence that it is safe & effective.
    What worked for your kids when they were this small?
  2. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Tink takes 3mg, she weighs 60#. I can't imagine that she weighed much less when she started, maybe 55-57?
  3. Lothlorien

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    We have a 3 mg dosage. I give that to Missy when she's really wound up. I haven't seen a lower dosage tablet available. You could try Valerian Root, also. That comes in liquid form. Smells awful, but slips nicely into a sippy cup with chocolate soy (or reg) milk. You could have more control over the dosage with the liquid.
  4. SRL

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    Apparently GNC sells Melatonin in liquid form.
  5. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, ladies. :smile: I saw that CVS sells them in 1, 3, or 5mg tablets on their website. I'll run over in a bit to see if they keep them in stock at their pharmacy.
  6. Sharon1974

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    JK started taking Melatonin when he was 38 pounds. We used 3mg. If he still wasn't feeling sleepy within an hour then I would give him another one. He never had any problems. He is 56 pounds now and still takes the same dose. If he is really wound up I just give him 6mg.
  7. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    N takes the valerian super calm, liquid... she loves it... I think it stinks. She also does Calms Forte... Because she won't swallow the Melatonin pills... and the liquids, all of the ones that I been able to find are Sub-lingual... so she would need to hold it under her toungue, I believe it says for 30 seconds. N will not do that!!!

    Did you find any 1mg???
  8. tired Cheryl

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    My difficult child who weighs 38 lbs takes one half 3 mg tablet crushed and mixed with yogurt or pudding. I have never had luck at finding the liquid form. He is usually asleep within 30 minuetes. I give the same dose to easy child some nights as well and she is 40 lbs.

    I do find that they wake up very early the next day when I give it to either of them.
  9. Warren

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    My son has been taking 3mg and weighs about 53 pounds, we have gottem amazing results. He sleeps so much better now.
  10. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    My 90 pound 10 year old takes 1 mg of Liquid Melatonin-Orange flavor--It works like a charm--He's been on it since June--just recently I've been thinking about increasing it--

    It's definately worth a try--
  11. pnuts

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    We started Melatonin with difficult child about a month ago. Taken off of Geodon due to side effects and having difficulty getting to sleep. Now sleeps better than ever. 2mg Melatonin at 845pm...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz at 915. He has had difficulty getting to sleep for years. Like clockwork at 915...gets the doggy, goes to his room, turns the light out and goes to sleep. Amazing.
    I lost a good bit of sleep when this happened making sure he was sleeping... :sleeping:
  12. SaraT

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    My difficult child took 3mg at age 6.(Can't remember weight, that was 6 yrs ago lol)

    It worked great and had no side effects.(At least when she took it.)

    We had to stop it because liquid wasn't available then and she took to hiding the pills all over her room. :rolleyes:

    Good luck. I hope it works for your difficult child.
  13. rejectedmom

    rejectedmom New Member

    TM, there is evidence that the over use of melatonin can cause the body to become resistant. It is recommended that adults only take 3 micrograms of it a day. That is one tenth of what a 3 mg pill holds. I am sleep disordered and I am using this in addition to other medications. I started at 3 MG and when it didn't seem to be working went to 6 mg. Did that for about a week when somone on my sleep bord sent me the link to this article on dosages.
  14. flutterbee

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    I take 3mg when I take it, which is probably only about once a month. I would think kiddos could start lower and go from there.

    I didn't check RM's link yet. Going to do that next.
  15. tired Cheryl

    tired Cheryl New Member

    Interesting Link. I had noticed that when I used Meltonin (1.5mg) in my kids for several days in a row it was not as effective. Also, they have a harder time falling asleep without it thereafter.
    Maybe, I'll try quartering the 3mg tablet until I can find a lower dose pill or liquid?
  16. LitlPixy

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    I was wondering about the melatonin too. Thanks for starting this post. A nurse friend of mine suggested Super Snooze (with Melatonin). I asked pediatrician about it and she approved for difficult child taking it to help her sleep at night.
  17. ma2sevn

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    I have to tell you all, we have been trying it and I am completly amazed!!!!! So far it has been like a slleping pill. I only give my difficult child (who will be 4 next month)less than half the 3mg capsule. The first few nights I didnt really know what to think or feel....she was asleep so early. And she is sleeping soundly throught the night most nightrs. this is a kid who has probably slept throught the night 10 times in her life. And she used to sleep so fit-fully. We have only been trying it a week but I pray it continues to work.
  18. LitlPixy

    LitlPixy New Member

    Wow that's great! You have some peaceful nights now, huh?
  19. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    TM?? Did you ever try the melatonin for Ducky? How is it working?
  20. seattle

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    <span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Melatonin has been our life saver. It completely changed our lifes and made it possible for us not to put our daughter (also 45 lbs.) on any medication when she was diagnosed this last August. We get 0.5 mg at Trader Joe's in Seattle (chewable and peppermint flavored) which even a child, who will not take or eat anything much without complaining, asks for it every night. We started her in July as we were going through the process of finding a psychiatrist. Just looked online to see if you can order it online, but they don't have a online system. Maybe somewhere else?

    Me - School Nurse 52
    husband - Carpenter 66
    daughter - 6 years old foster/adopt at 1 month (Mood disorder not otherwise specified)</span>