Melatonin seems to be helping difficult child 1's IBS

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    difficult child 1 has missed a lot of class time this year due to IBS problems -- pain, cramping, urge to move his bowels but not always producing anything.

    We tried special suppositories, we tried laxatives, we tried increasing fiber and water. His Crohn's GI was apparently getting tired of me calling multiple times a week (I guess she prefers to REALLY specialize) and they pretty much said to either get difficult child 1 to a therapist or bring him in for a scope. I haven't had much luck finding a therapist lately and I didn't want to go through the whole scope circus and have him miss MORE school...

    So we went to see his pediatrician and I had a couple of PubMed abstracts in hand with ideas for what to try next. And melatonin was one option that had been shown to improve pain and frequency levels in one small open label study.

    Pediatrician was very open to trying the melatonin and said there was no downside to trying it, so difficult child 1 has been taking it at bedtime for about three weeks now. And guess what! He has not missed ANY class time due to IBS!! He still has times where he has the urgency, but the pain is nothing like before. I am really amazed.

    Just wanted to share this.

    Oh, and here's the link to the PubMed info:
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    Wow, I had no idea about melatonin. That is such great news to hear it's helping. And heck it might even improve his sleep :)