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    Just wanted to say a quick hi! It's late and I'll be going to bed soon but didn't want you to think your comments on Michele's thread went unnoticed.

    When you're ready to share your story, go for it. The best place to post it would be in the general forum. It's where we talk about out kids. If you need help with the terms, etc. go to the FAQs. Lots of info there.

    Anyway welcome!
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    Mellie! Welcome here too! From what you said on the Personal Posts post, your story sounds sooooo much like my youngest sister! If I didn't know better I'd say "Hi Roast (nickname for my sis - lol!).

    Easy way to figure out where to post: If it's directly about a demon (aka my kids) it goes in General OR if it's about OUR sanity, funny stuff, information, it lands in Watercooler. If it's about school stuff, the education forum and the rest are pretty self explanatory.

    Welcome again! It's a great place to come to when you just feel like hanging out with friends!

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    I'm glad you found us Mellie! Welcome hugs.