Meltdown begets meltdown?

Tired out

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Laura, Why do you think so little of yourself and of your husband? You are letting this man use, abuse and manipulate you.
It isn't a break through for him to tell you he was using. It was a way to find out how much more he can manipulate you.
He doesn't have a job, he is an addict with bad behavior. By giving him money YOU are paying for his drugs. If you want to pay for his legal rx go do it directly and dole it out so he doesn't sell that too.
Are you allowing this becasue you don't want him sleeping on the street?
It wasn't too long ago that you paid for him to come back from Chicago, now he is spending money on a vacation but can't pay for his medications? where did he get money for a vacation? Sold his medications?


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Have to agree with tiredout. If nothing else than by his parting comment that he's going to the police? Huh? And I model for Victoria's Secret when I'm not saving orphans from gunfire with my wonder woman cape. Seriously?

He says he wants detox? Wasn't he just there a couple of weeks ago? That is where he would have gone this morning if he was serious.

I know that we all cling to a glimmer of hope. But this is not that glimmer. This is manipulation. This is him bringing you into his delusions. The delusion of prodigal son finding redemption. Lock the door. Put a note on the door that the inn is closed.

And write down the rules? How many times have you told him and how hard is it? I'll do it for you:

You are a guest in our home. Treat us and our home with respect.

No active drug use or don't cross our threshold.

Get a job in 2 weeks.

Bottom line here is that your husband caved. So now he's going to work your husband by working you.
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He is hardcore. Unless you step up to his level he will be dancing circles around you until you give him your last dime. Then, if you have nothing left he wants, you very well may never see him again. He is in the relationship with you only for the material gains and comfort. Love? Can he love? He is acting as if he is somebody with NO empathy. Antisocial. Where is his heart?

He needs a smackdown....hard.... it may already be too late but its worth a try. If you cant save him, save yourselves! You matter! Hub needs to preserve his health. He matters too!

Nothing will change if you dont change it. At least be good to YOU!
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I would also take it as cautiously optimistic. Is is possible that the delusions are scaring him enough to want treatment. I know he didn't call them delusions but he may have a sense that something is really off.