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    My difficult child was just recently moved from his PreK class back to the Preschool room he was in last year. The teachers there never really had ANY tantrums or meltdowns with him. So yesterday was a WONDERFUL day for difficult child!! I think he and the PreK teacher were not a good fit for eachother, because she was not very flexible and thought it took too much time to talk to him, when there is 20 other kids who need her attention as well.

    Unfortunately, at the end of the day, major meltdown with a director. difficult child's class was mostly picked up, and director wanted difficult child to go with her down to the bigger class where they gather kids toward the end of the day. difficult child was ready to go, and realized he couldn't find the yo-yo he'd won in a game that day. Instead of helping him look, director tried to get him to go with her. End result=meltdown. He hit her, screamed, cried, and kicked. She then found the yo-yo "right there" by his papers.

    I'm convinced she could have handled this differently and prevented the meltdown. She ended up with him in the office until I got there, and did not give him his yo-yo in response to his tantrum. I know she could have either helped him look for it, or told him that he could come back and look when I got there. I'm disappointed.....they know he has diagnosis of Mood disorder, ODD and AHDH.

    I tell them to empathize first because 95% of the time, just talking to him will get him to come to senses. I know he was "stuck" on finding his yo-yo, and she became an advesary when she tried to get him out of the classroom. I'm getting so stressed about this, because they have already warned me that he is on the edge of being kicked out. If she would have just talked with him for a couple minutes to come to a solution, the 20 minute meltdown would have been avoided.

    SO & I have decided to take him only 3 days a week, instead of full time, until the Lamictal starts to work. We've been on this for 6 days now. It's so hard and frustrating when people as you how to deal with your child, and then don't follow your advise!
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    I have lots of sympathy for you! I'm glad you have a plan for moving forward. Does your son have an IEP? If not, does his preschool work with the school distric on early intervention services? My guess is that it does not, since you say they are thinking of kicking him out.

    My son (and now my easy child daughter) attended a preschool that contracted with the school district to provide early intervention services for kids with IEPs. It was a very good fit for us. We were never under threat of difficult child being kicked out, even though he often had outbursts similar to your son's. And, he got wonderful care from experienced, well-trained, loving teachers.

    Good luck.
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    I was wondering the same thing as tictoc. If he isn't in a public school yet he still needs to be identified by the district to ensure he receives an appropriate education as he moves into the primary grades and beyond.
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    We are going for an evaluation with our local intermediate unit on 3/31. This entire week he's been in preschool, and had a wonderful week!! They learned that at transition time, give him advance warning and tell them what they expect of him. He's been great so far. I can't say how much the Lamictal is to credit for this, as I've read that it takes 4-6 weeks for a full theraputic effect.

    I'm even more convinced now that the PreK teacher just doesnt want to take the time to work with him, because he's been sooo good wtih his old teachers. I'm anxious to see what the IU comes up with. We also have kindergarten registration next week!
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    I'm glad to read that he has had a good week... I'd put my money on placing him with flexible adults as the reason for now. :winks: