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Hey, all you that we haven't heard from in a while--how are you doing?

There are so many names I haven't seen in a long time--check in and let us know how things are going--even if there's not much new to tell.

But I'd bet there is.

If you don't feel like discussing your situation, just check in and say 'hi'.


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Good Morning!

I have actually been away about a week or so. I was given an antibiotic for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and I had a severe reactions which kept me down for 5 days!

But, I am back and life marches on!

It's strange for this to be the last week of summer and no prepping for school! Sending positive vibes to all members who have or will be sending their kids off to school. This can be a very stressful time for parents of difficult kids. Have a plan, set expectations, express your expectations clearly, follow through with consequences consistently, and more than anything else, understand that this is more stressful for them than it is for us. A little compassionate empathy can work wonders!!!!

Prepping for a Labor Day (actually Sunday) party at my house! I had a big group over for Memorial Day to ring in summer. Decided to end it all doing the same. Looking forward to hanging out with friends and sharing a meal and some laughs!

Thanks for the personal touch AppleCori!



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I'm here! Though, I probably shouldn't be since I'm at work and I have stuff to finish before Vacation - which starts at 5:00! :D I actually said it starts tomorrow to Jabber this morning, and he corrected me. lol Four days of quiet, no internet, no cell phones, just a lake, a boat, a view, fish and peace...followed by a Jazz Festival. :p

Haven't heard from the boy in a few weeks except some inane conversations on Facebook. No news is good news.


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I don't get it. :confused:

LOL! And 99% of the people here probably wont either. When an offender requests protective custody its called checking in. Common when a debt is owed that they cant pay, have a reputation as a snitch, or to a lesser extent when they are a child molester.


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*eyeroll* well, senses of humour are a prerequisite to survival with our kids!!

I'm doing well. I'll post soon!

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Things are good here overall! easy child/difficult child is back at school and having a good time. difficult child starts school tomorrow and husband & I started today. It was an amazing first day of school! I think it is going to be a great year!


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Well, I'll just say hello. I haven't posted for ages, but I actually do come on the board and look every day, just to see what's going on and stay in touch. My difficult child has been in Australia for several years now. I went to see him about 18 months ago (and met Marge and Marge's Man), and just the fact that I made that enormous trip (I saved for just over a year in order to make that trip), just that fact seems to have been the most enormous step towards mending my relationship with him, and in the wake of that, my husband's relationship with him. We speak on the phone very often (really cheap rates these days). Actually, my oldest son (aged 45) is getting married in two months' time (very thrilling, he is a former difficult child) to a lovely girl, they have two small children and he is finally going to settle down, and difficult child phoned me this morning to tell me he had booked his flight to come to the wedding.

difficult child is holding down a job managing a coffee bar. He has friends. I'm not happy about his hobby -- he races motorbikes on a race track. But he seems to be doing fine.

There, that's my update. I have turned 70, but I am still working (self-employed, editing and proofreading). Now have 31 grandchildren (and another one on the way) and two great grandchildren.

Let's see some other old-timers give us an update now.

Love, Esther


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I don't post much anymore, since Miss KT is doing so well, but I do read along and keep up with everyone. Hubby and I are busy, and just signed up for our first 5k! No running, walking only, but it's a start. I was officially diagnosed with diabetes after being pre-diabetic for years, so I started watching what I ate and walking every day, and in four months I lost 30 pounds.

Son #1 is working six days a week, just made foreman, and is exhausted, but doing well. Son #2, daughter in law, and the granddaughters are fine; oldest grand started Kindergarten this year! Where does the time go?

Miss KT and her hubby are working hard, her hubby is headed back to school. He wants to be a math teacher, and has three more years in college. We went up to see them earlier this month, and had a great time. No kids yet; they want to wait till her hubby is finished with school and working, which I think is sensible.

My Buddy is 15 now, and slowing down, but still healthy. The panther boys are about 7, and still naughty, but always interesting.


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I don't always post much these days but I read often. Things here are going mostly well lately. Been at my new job for 3 months now. It was a little hard adjusting to the full time working mom schedule in the beginning but it's getting easier. I love my job so that helps. I got my very first new car ever because my old one (15 years old!) died and it made more sense for us to buy new. My husband jokes (or maybe not) that I'll be driving it until I'm 60 so I better like it. My younger son starts high school on Tuesday. It's hard to believe he's a freshman but I'm excited for him. It's a great time in his life and I like watching him grow and mature. My Difficult Child seems to have settled in Florida and has found a place to live for now. It's been quiet on that front and I have very much been enjoying the peace!


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I am just starting back to work after my two month long summer vacation. First day of school is on Tuesday the 8th. Difficult child will be a senior and easy child is starting high school at the same school I work at. It should be interesting. The boyfriend and I broke up. My apartment complex found out there was 4 of us living in a one bedroom apartment and kicked him out end of July.

After he moved he stopped talking to me. Difficult child took it upon herself to text him a few days later and cuss him out. She accused him of treating me like a doormat and using me, which is true. He got upset of course and texted me aboutit, saying he is stressed at work and needs a break. That's code for "I never want to see you again." We are still friends on facebook but no longer speaking. Good riddance.

I have a new guy I met on one of my facebook groups who is absolutely smitten with me. We have been talking back and forth every day. He is from Nebraska and already talking about possibly relocating to California. I told him I would like to take it slow. At my age and my lousy history with men I don't trust anybody. He is okay with that for now. Other than that, I am here and dreading work and the start of a new school year next week. Wish me luck with everything.


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Apple, what a wonderful idea! I love hearing about how everyone is doing. My daughter is in a halfway house, has a job, and says she has been sober for 8 months. She is still in another state so life is peaceful here.

My younger daughter decided she didn't want to be a teacher anymore so she has gone back to school full time to get a master's degree in applied statistics. She moved to Colorado and loves it. We are going out there for the week of Thanksgiving to visit.

This will probably be my last year in a face-to-face classroom. I have taught for 37 years and I finally think it is time to retire. It is a scary thing to do, though. I plan to continue teaching my online classes.

husband plans to stay in the classroom for another couple of years. After that, we hope to start traveling.

We do have one big trip planned for next summer. We are going on a 10 night cruise to northern Europe and St. Petersburg, Russia. I am really excited about the trip. I also plan to have cataract surgery after we get back. I am not so excited about that.

For now, things are good.



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Good to see the updates!!

My son has been clean for 45 days and this time around seems to be taking it all very seriously. This time in rehab has totally been his decisions and all the choice to go into residential tx after detox was his as well. So he is doing very well and I am hopeful.

My easy child is in college and is having a great time and doing very well. It is interesting to hear her perspective on drinking and drug use in college... she does partake at parties and tells me about it but she is also very aware of the potential problems because of her brother and I am really not concerned because she seems to have a pretty healthy attitude around the whole issue.

I just retired so Kathy I understand your trepidation. I am still figuring out what to do with my time.

My husband and I just got back from an aboslutely fabulous trip to Alaska.


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My daughter is still doing very well, too! Working full time at McDonald's and they are talking about making her a crew trainer. She actually graduates the program in two more months and is talking about committing to another nine as a servant in training there!! :) Her and Connor come home for the weekend every other weekend now. We will be celebrating Connor's 2 year birthday this weekend by taking him to the zoo.
Easy child is in his senior year of high school and finally taking drama (I have been telling him forever that he should). He loves it!
We just traded in our old camper for a new model that we love and will grow old in. We just got back from a long weekend near South Carolina. Loved it. :)
I have officially been diagnosed with diabetes which stinks but I am on insulin now and feeling better...
I still read and post updates once in a while but everything is still going great... :)


Nice to see the updates! my oldest is in law school in another state. middle child in a day program for special needs adults.Its like school and I take him there and pick him up every day.difficult child has just moved back in.Its very hard to deal with her and her boyfriend from Canada is moving in soon.She is working part time and i know they most likely wont stay here long.


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Glad to see all the updates!

Keep 'em coming!


Gotta say--So glad to hear that you are rid of the (so-called) 'boyfriend'! You deserve better. Much better. Never let someone treat you that way again.


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Hey everyone. Colonia read as much as I can however I don't have a computer anymore hey everyone. I'm worried have much as I can however I don't have a computer anymore. Can anybody believe that I've made it almost 9 months with no computer astonishing! We had to move back into our house which really upset us simply because Cory wasn't doing well. I hate it. My house is really bad now. Hopefully soon I'll get my computer back working and I can be on here and typing more it's very hard for me to do this on a 3 inch screen. Corre really isn't doing well he just been a while in jail bonded out not by me by Mandy and I still think he's full of you know what


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Don't write much any more but I do check in and read this board every few days. I am fine; still a nanny to 5 kids ages 2 (2 of those), 3, 4, and 5 plus will be adding a new baby to the group by the end of October. It's a much easier job than it sounds like and I like it.
Older son is still OK. He's decided he's into motorcycles now and has the hair, beard, and clothes to match. I think he looks like an outlaw but he still goes to work everyday and pays his bills so I guess he's old enough to do what he wants.
Younger son still doesn't have his life together in spite of having a wife and 4 kids. He's had a DUI, a failure to appear, and a charge for drug paraphernalia in the last couple of years and has court on Tuesday. We expect that he will be in jail for the better part of 4-6 months. I wish I could say it might straighten him out but I doubt it.
It is great to see some of the "old" names here. I guess life goes on for all of us.