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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by witzend, May 23, 2009.

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    For about a year and a half husband and I have known that the rickety fence between neighbor K and us is falling down. The posts seem ok, but the panels are knocked out of their holders. We know this because one of the panels fell down in a windstorm a couple of winters ago and I nailed it back up to keep the dogs in the yard.

    In order to keep from disassembling the entire panels, you need to use joist hangers rather than fence rail hangers. So for the past several weeks, we have talked about getting this chore done, but husband has been working a lot of hours. It's about a 1 hour job. I have sent him out to the fence three times to count the number of joist hangers we need to buy. Four panels are falling down, four hangers each, that's 16, right? At 59 cents each, I think we can afford that. I've sent him to Home Depot at least every weekend to pick something up, once directly after I told him to go out and count how many hangers we needed and told him to buy them. He came home and told me he had bought hangers.

    So, knowing that he is to take this weekend off per boss's orders, We talked about doing the job. I called our neighbor K, and asked if he or one of his four adult sons who live at home would help. (Not like our adults sons. Homeschooled not leaving until they're married sons.) He said "Yes. We'll meet you at the fence at 10 AM Saturday. I made sure he was up, and reminded him last night that he needed to start gathering everything we'd need at 9:30. So, he comes up from the garage at 9:50 with 2 joist hangers in his hand and the look of "WTH? This isn't enough!" Um. hello! All I said was "Yep." Big exasperated sigh from him. "I know", he says.

    How long before you think I have to get into the car and run to Lowe's or Home Depot and get them something? Like I haven't been to Home Depot three times this week and Lowe's once already! Home Depot on Memorial Day Saturday. Just what I was looking forward to! How flippin' hard is it to count, make a list, and buy as many as you counted?:mad:
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    Don't even get me going down this road. Peace be with you.

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    Yep, I agree. However I must be brief to avoid an explosion.
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    I understand.

    Don't get me started.
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    Well, knock me down with a feather, Neighbor K went to get the supplies. But no one thought of a concrete form for replacing the one post that was rotten. So, I figured out an idea to remove the bottom from some cheap plastic pots to make a form. Then I figured out which ones to use. Can you say "Supervisory experience"?
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    Well, I always say that the sign of a good supervisor is one who makes sure his/her staff have the materials and tools they need to get the job done. (you did provide him with a vehicle and $$ earlier this week to get the parts - right?)

    Good thinking! :smug:
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    Hugs being sent.

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    Yep, Andy, he got the vehicle, the $$$, the pencil and paper to make the list... Truth be told, this is one staff member I can't let go! Nepotism, you know? ;)
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    I can soooooooooo empathize.

    And I don't dare get started or I might not stop. Mine has been on a roll today. grr