Men's Dreams Dashed!!


Roll With It
Y'all know I love those deal of the day/week/whatever websites. Sometimes I find great stuff and sometimes it is even something we need. Like headphones at 5 pr for $5 - even with $4.99 shipping I can't get them cheaper here.

Anyway, I was looking at a site that has 13 deals at a time, supposedly. Usually they have more than that, but sometimes they have cute things.

This time? I KNOW there are guys EVERYWHERE who have had their dreams crushed. Just crushed.


The site offered "3 Pack Super Soft Fitted Women". I put the quotation marks, but the words are the entire listing for the item.

Now you and I, being of superior intelligence and possessing basic reasoning skills, know that this is actually an ad for the tshirt that is shown and NOT for a pack of 3 Super Soft Fitted Women. After all, when you go to the page that lists their items ( it shows a photo of folded tshirts, not women or even women in tshirts.

So they get you to click because, really what kind of idjit listed it that way? Surely it is a typo. So you click on the item. It has the same item listing and it shows you a picture of a stack of tshirts. It has thumbnail photos that you can click on, and it mentions that sizes run small. It also says there is no shipping fee.

That page does have pictures of three women in the thumbnails. Well, the torsos of three women. Their heads are either entirely cut off or cut off so you see the model's mouth and nostrils. IF (and only if) you scroll down past the 19 ROWS photos and names/prices of items for sale, they do tell you that these are "3 Pack Super Soft Fitted Women's Fashion Tees - SHIPS FREE!"

I can only imagine how many males are out there hoping against hope that their order will arrive super fast, only to have their dreams dashed when all they get is a box of women's t shirts that are fitted so even the smallest guy cannot wear them as though they were men's shirts.