Mentally Ill Couple given fertility treatments

Discussion in 'Parenting News' started by JJJ, May 19, 2010.

  1. JJJ

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    Both the man and woman are mentally ill. The baby is now in foster care.

    This is a hard one because unstable mentally ill people should not be having babies. But who gets to decide who is stable enough?
  2. DammitJanet

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    This upsets me. It doesnt say exactly why they were unstable. Just that the woman has a history of mental illness. It does say the father is schizophrenic.

    Well, I have a history of mental illness. Should I not have been able to have kids? Cory? Any of the kids on this board?

    Maybe offering some help to them would have been a better choice to see if they could have handled it before just snatching the baby away.
  3. Mamaof5

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    I'm leery of this "story". I too have a history of mental illness (clinical depression) and have 5 children. ADHD\Torrette's is not an excuse to take a child from a mother. The father's drug and alcohol abuse is but the mother could very well have left the father for it or given him an ultimatum - I leave or you go to rehab, end of the line.

    It's iffy without details. It's like they are saying my children who have mental illnesses now and very likely will go into adulthood with those mental illnesses don't have a right to a family and children of their own. I don't like the one sidedness of this article at all and big lack of better details. It strikes me odd that ADHD and Torrette's is a disqualifying set of illnesses for parenthood.
  4. CrazyinVA

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    The one thing that stoood out to me was this sentence "The couple met in a care home...." Does this mean a residential treatment facility? It sort of implies they were in long-term care of some kind, bit it's hard to say, since this was in another country and the terms and laws are ones I am not familiar with. It might mean, however, that there were other mental illness issues at play here. Are they living independently now? It's not exactly an in-depth story, and does leave more questions than answers.
  5. Shari

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    This is one of those really tough calls.

    Like Octomom. That situation clearly wasn't right, but do we really want legislation put in place that would have prevented it? I don't.

    I don't regret my children, but I've said before, my genetics would not be here for passing on in a survival of the fittest world, and I often wonder how that plays into a lot of things. Again, I would hate to see legistlation put in place that dictates who's fit to have kids and who's not...but...

    I agree, tho...not enough info in this story to really know if someone was in the wrong...but its frightening, nonetheless.
  6. DammitJanet

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    Thats it...not enough info. I can see if someone is up at arms if someone...say the health care proxy...had a person in a vegetative state impregnated. Im not so sure that wouldnt be illegal. But we dont know what a carer home is. It could be what we call an orphanage. Or a foster home. Or group home.
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