Merry Christmas to all!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Dec 25, 2007.

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    Merry Christmas!! I hoep all had pretty good days. Ours wound up being very nice. :santa:

    I was illyesterday, so husband did ALL the wrapping. I dug all the gifts out, and told him who got what, then went back to bed. He did a lovely job! He even made a 9pm trip to Walgreens for stocking stuffers! :elf:

    This morning the kids were up at 6:30, I woke up then too, so we did stockings and gifts. Their gifts were very thoughtful, they really put a lot of effort into planning and saving up and shopping and wrapping. They were very very appreciative, though they did not get super high tech gifts. (I DID!!! - my mp3/video player broke a while back. husband got me an 8Gig MP3/video player!!! He got a homekit and personal headphone kit for his satellite radio!)

    Then we napped, made some cookies, napped, cleaned up and went to the Grandparents (myside - saw his last weekend). Nice visit, thoughtful presents, no fussing or fighting, got to meet my bro's new female border colie. (by the way, when your female border collie is leaving spots of blood around the house and "hooking up" with your male border collie -- She DOES NOT have wormes!!! Bro finally clued in to Roxy being in heat and now being pregnant!!So whenever dogs deliver (no clue how long they are pregnant!) I will be a border collie great auntie!!
    difficult child was very sweet and appropriate today. He liked the few gifts we gave him (smaller than orig planned, but not nothing - he is still our son no matter how weird he is!).

    I hope you all had a fun, peaceful and enjoyable holiday!


    ps. I AM sending cards, this last week was just very bad so it will be later this week. I promise!
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    Glad you had a nice holiday. Hope you are feeling better.

    Happy Holidays to you! We still have one left!

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    sorry you were sick Christmas Eve but it sounds like husband pitched in and got everything done. Your Christmas day sounds lovely! Glad it was a good one for your family.