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    Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I was really excited. We got a new leather reclining sofa yesterday. And a few weeks ago a new leather rocker recliner. It is just wonderful. However the old furniture (very old and broken..was black leather) The new furniture is brown leather. So I need new end tables. And I would just LOVE a LCD or LED TV, with a nice cherry wood stand (I already have been eyeing that up)

    I work until midnight, then again tomorrow at noon. Not a whole lot for xmas this year. Gift cards mostly. small ones. easy child got a job and needed work boots, so husband took him out today to buy some for xmas. (plus he is getting a new cell phone) He also asked for gloves or mittens that you can flip the top off and have bare fingers. But now with the new job he won't be out shoveling, or I thought. He starts his new job January 4th. They told him if it snows they have everyone outside shoveling. So the hat and gloves will come in handy.

    He will be driving semi for a moving company. Passed three physicals. Will go to "packing school" to learn how to pack peoples homes. And then he will go to class to obtain his CDL. It is cross country. Two people at all times. One a veteran of 10+ years. I am in "mom" mode. What if it is snowing, or slippery or in the mountains or big city. He will be 27 in January and this is the first job he has ever had that has benefits. Feels like a weight off my shoulders with this job. Insurance, and money. He can start paying his bills that I have taken on the past year.

    This will definately affect difficult child. He will be SO sad and miss him SO much. He doesn't deal with change very good. But I told him easy child can now bring him a gift from every state! lol. Ofcourse, difficult child brought up to easy child about the mountains and snow and big cities. easy child told him to knock it off. easy child is a bit intiminated with the big truck. He has never even been in one. It pays when you are best friends with the VP's daughter!!!

    He does have protein in his urine. Dr. said just a trace and he should have it checked again sometime. What does that mean?

    difficult child got his ear peirced. And gave him money to buy some clothes. He is picky. Did real well. 6 shirts from American Eagle and Abercrombie. And all for less than $100. He had to have girl earing put in because he has fat ear lobes and needed long post.

    It snowed the past two days. When we woke up today it had all iced over. Now it has been raining since noon. Suppose to rain all night and temps drop tomorrow evening. Meaning I'll be driving home from work at Midnight tomorrow on icy roads.

    I hope everyone has the best holidays ever.
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    Merry Christmas! Thanks for the update. :)
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    Merry Christmas to you! Sounds like 2010 already shows promise! Tell easy child he has an Auntie in the mountain city of Denver :) Hugs and love, ML
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    Merry Christmas to you. This snow is terrible, I need to come that way but, dont want to. :-( Hubby has an appointment over there I think Mon very early am.yukky!