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    My son is 32, can’t believe his body is still going after all these years of abuse, after all the years of drug abuse & he hasn’t really & out of hospitals, from staff infections to hep c from sharing needles to living on the streets to homeless shelters to lifeline homes, 30 day treatment two attempts.. he won’t go to counseling..or any therapy but says he wants to.. he’s tried AA.. We have kicked him out .. called the cops..many times .. did tough love many times. Never gave him a dime.. wouldn’t put him behind a wheel..dealing with this longer than I ever thought. I was hoping that after 30 he would “growup & grow out” of this phase?..It surely can make a mom go insane. Thanku for sharing everyone. I found this post today & signed up. I’m reading everyone’s posts and seeing we are all in the same boat , different ages. I’m at a different place possibly than most at this time, after all the years of dealing with this type of abuse that goes both ways..To look at things from a different view Incase you lose your child to overdose.. which iv had that fight or flight mode on for a long time u can imagine.. wondering if he will be alive the next morning, will a policeman come knocking on my door.. it’s a terrifying lifestyle you didn’t ask for, don’t want to live out the rest of your life living that way, because you aren’t living, and either are they..2 lives at the price of one?.. how about the other family members that have to deal with aswell. And it can certainly paralyze you. So if you are at a place where alanon doesn’t seem to help anymore,. and outside resources tried to help.. you are at your wits end..then u can try what I tried..I turned inward, prayer & meditation.. If you believe in reincarnation, (if you don’t, please excuse & don’t read on).. I read thru James Van Prahgs books .. that children choose their parents. to be born thru. They select before coming back. They have had drug addictions in many lifetimes before, it’s not their first rodeo. They come back to try again, and see if they can beat their addictions, because if they die thru drug abuse, the addiction supposedly stays with them when they cross over, and apparently it’s much harder to deal with or beat on the other side, than it is when on earth. So they come back. So don’t blame your selves. If anything, they picked us hoping we would be the one who could really get them to stop this time around. Knowing this, I do share it with my son, I tell him all this to get him to try & give up finally all the abuse, or he will have to do it all over again, basically recreating his own bad place.
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    This is what I have turned to. Within my faith. It is enormously helpful to me. There is a private facebook group and sometimes I watch 3 or 4 hours a day, lately. I am familiar with the author you cite, but I don't know if I share the beliefs, but I will buy a book and read.

    Are you in communication with your son? Do you see him? Has he been arrested, incarcerated? Sometimes (often) long-term incarceration helps these guys who cannot stop without it. Also, when my son was in sober living I met several older men who were living there, that got sick of the lifestyle, and were in recovery. It's hard to know what will finally make the difference. The other author I have been wanting to read is the psychiatrist out of Vancouver who runs a program up there. Gabor Mate. Have you read his books on addiction?

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