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    Well, this morning I received a phone call from the Special Education director. She said she would like to schedule the evaluation I had requested May 31st (cetified return receipt letter). She reminded me I had talked with her back in April and had explain she does not do evaluation in summer time. Politely I assure her that I recall it very well. Then she goes on how my letter is messing up with her schedule! Now she has to get everything done by the end of August in order to comply with the 90 day time frame. Me: all innocent and "stupid", I tell her that I'm sorry my letter is inconvenient... I am willing to schedule the evaluation the first week of September... I understand her position. LOL
    Poor lady, my son's issues are just annoying her... she is "forced" to do her job.
    She suggestd doing it August 23rd, but then she realizes this date is booked all ready for an other evaluation...
    How about August 19th? Perfect for me!
    Hum... I guess August is pretty busy with evaluations now!
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    Well Done!
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    Great job!
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    :rofl: love when someone is shocked that the laws apply to them
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    Good for you! Around here we do try to avoid summer evaluations because then someone from the district does it and they don't know the children well. I'm glad the regular Special Education teacher will be doing your difficult child's.