messed up my left knee again...argh

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    Both my knees are bad and in fact, my left knee was the first one I had scoped but in the last couple of years its been my right one that has caused me the most problems. The consensus is that when I had both knees scoped a year apart that even then the left one was still worse so I over compensated and used the right one more and put more weight on it and now I am paying for that mightily.

    Well, today I was attempting to make my bed because the sheets and blankets needed to be pulled back on because they tend to slide off on the side I get on and off. I was on the opposite side to pull and it is very narrow so I had a hard time fitting there and somehow I twisted funny while I was trying to reach and pull and I felt and heard this POP and a sharp pain along with what I can only describe as what felt like a sac bursting a bit of liquid leaking out. It hurt bad. Now my knee hurts bad...just like my right knee does.

    I am icing it and taking medications but who knows what I have done now. Put myself even further in the whole obviously. Now its worse since I have fired my ortho. I really need to think about new doctors. I have a pain doctor appointment on Thursday. My GP not again until July unless I need him and my psychiatrist monthly. I havent heard yet about the neurosurgeon so I need to call about that since my back is so bad I can barely walk. I also think I need a rheumy. Im assuming one of those can refer me to an ortho if they think surgery is needed on knees. Sigh.
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    The combo of both knees hurting so bad and your back being as bad as it is must be unbearable. You might as your pain doctor or reg doctor if you could take toradol for a few days. It is most often given as a shot (I used to get it for migraines at my reg doctor's office.) but it is also available in tablets. it is super effective and super hard on your stomach so it isn't rx'd often or for more than 3-5 days, but it is one of the most effective nsaids. It is so limited because it was found to cause severe stomach/intestinal bleeding that you didn't know about because it controlled the pain so well. for a few days to get pain under control it is very effective, esp if your opiate medications are as high as you can tolerate right now.

    I am not sure what the problem you had with lidoderm patches is, but maybe a few days of those would also help?

    PLEASE don't let the pain get so bad you think about hurting yourself. go to the ER before that happens, you are just way too special and too loved to do that to yourself. but I understand how the pain can make it attractive just as a way to stop hurting.


    ps. If you run out of cold packs or just use ice in a bag, consider putting 1 c water and 1/2 to 1 c rubbing alcohol into a ziploc bag, getting the air out, and putting it into a second ziploc with all the air out. Then freeze. It will make a very cold pack but it won't be hard and lumpy. We used to spend a lot on those cold packs that have the blue gel in them, but they break easily with the kids using them. so I started using these and they seem to work great and are really cheap.
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    Ouch, that made me cringe. That has got to hurt.

    Ditto Susie about the ER. Bonus is that they can help you with Ortho referrals. With your knee history, it would be a good idea to get it checked asap. You don't want to risk creating more damage than that pop did trying to move around on it even if you keep moving to a minimum.

    (((hugs))) (meanwhile I'm going to hope that the sound was just your knee popping like when folks pop their knuckes......and yeah I'd imagine it would hurt being that joint. Did it to my hip once and I think my face contorted in impossible ways. )
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    Oh jeez, Janet, I know that sound and pain you're talking about! Ice it and try to find a new ortho. Given your knee history, it's not good and you should be seen at least. I think I recall you aging they can't do another clean out because you have minimal cartilage left in the joints and you've done all the shots. Did you get the hyuraulic acid shots as well? Sorry, my spelling is off, but those work for some people who lose viscosity in the joint. Hugs.
  5. DammitJanet

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    I have already had 3 series of those shots and they have completely lost their effectiveness for me. Sigh. Susie, I am taking a new medication called exalgo. It is actually hydromorphone which is a really strong medication. I honestly cant tell Im taking it though. I actually wondered if the pills were faulty because I have had some symptoms of things like diarrhea unless I also take a lorcet with them. Makes me wonder. On the web they are giving all sorts of alerts about the medication being so strong but I cant even feel any relief with it. I am going to give it one more month to see if I just need to get adjusted to it. I am actually on the highest dose. I could possibly go back on the patches now. Dont know.
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    Don't have any good advice, just want you to know I'm sorry you're in so much pain. Thinking of you... Hoping you find something that helps with all that pain soon!! Feel better!! Hugs... SFR
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    Owieeeeeee! OMG, what a description. What an experience! Owie, owie, owie.
    Icing is good, but you're going to have to find a new ortho. This sounds pretty serious.
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    oh, Janet take care of yourself, and I hope they find a way to ease the pain.
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    Maybe off-topic, but maybe not - what happened with your MRI? Are you compensating for your back in a way that may have made you hurt your knee?
  10. Star*

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    IMa bring you down here ......and let you and DF convalesce together - I may as well get both ya'll two knees and jus letcah both sit around barkin orders at me, while you take your pain medications. Cuz I know it's comin.

    And if I get a twofer.......I get bonus points.....PLUS I started work - so at least you'd have each other. ALL day....and the TV.....and WESTERNS.......(any of this sounding good? Yet)

    I'm so sorry - I KNOW EXACTLY what you are saying J, hugs)
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    I'm so sorry you are hurting. See a doctor, the sooner the better. I agree that you should go to the ER if necessary. When strong pain medicine is not working for you it is a real concern. -RM
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    Well it was all good star until you said Westerns...lmao.

    I went back to pain management today and we went back to my old friend morphine sulfate but upped it to 45 twice daily. I have no clue why that doctor last month just didnt do that. I like this older man that I get to see so much better. He has much more sense. But the one thing I keep asking all the doctor's about is water therapy. I think doing water therapy would be awesome for me. Even if I can do more at starting than walking across the pool and back for half an hour then that is more activity than I am getting now. But this doctor says we have to get my pain under control first!
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    Oh Janet I am sorry and my heart goes out to you.

    I saw an Ortho doctor this morning for the 1st time and had cortisone shots in both knees.

    My doctor and his entire staff were so awesome. They are in process of seeing if a shot called Synvast is covered by my insurance. Have you ever heard of this treatment ?

    The charming Southern Dr. referred to it as WD40 for the knees. I have some ray of hope at this point. I have been down about my knees and the pain and cry alot over it.

    I hope for some relief.

    Check with your new ortho about Synvast. I have a good friend who had the shot and she said it took 5 weeks to kick in but made a huge difference ... Good luck and hugs honey ...
  14. Tiapet

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    Janet, I agree with you about water therapy. I do understand what they mean about getting the pain under control though as well. I tried water when pain wasn't under control and it was a no go at all. One of the things they will do to start is definitely not walk across the pool. The will most likely have you sit on one of those pool noodles (and YES it will support you I kid you not!) and gently do movements with your legs then with your arms if you can maintain balance, if not then just legs. I couldn't even do that with the pain so I do understand what they are talking about. Once pain is under control then you will have much better luck. The pools are also super heated, unlike a basic "heated" pool. It's more like getting into bath water it's that warm.
  15. DammitJanet

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    Shelly...I did synvisc 3 different times. I think that is the name of the one I did. If not, same idea. They are made from rooster combs. Did you know that? I also called them my WD40 For me, we started mine the same week I had my knees scoped. Imagine having an inch long needle stuck into your knee a few days after you just had it operated I took Cory with me on my second knee and he turned green and almost passed out...lmao.

    The shots are okay. My doctor was pretty good at giving them. He didnt believe in giving a lidocaine shot first because that was just two shots he had to give and the first one was gonna hurt just as bad as giving the giving the synvisc shot would so why bother. I was iffy on the first one but he was right. The worst thing is it takes 5 shots given once a week so by the 5th shot you have built up quite a bit of that gel under your knee cap and its a bit hard to get that last shot in so that one is a bit uncomfy. Not bad though.

    The first ones I did both lasted for about 6 to 7 months per knee. The second times lasted slightly less...maybe 4 months each. The last ones didnt last even two months so I wont try it again. I cant see going through 5 weeks of shots for something that wont last even 8 weeks.

    Now that ortho really doesnt want to see me to do more for me than to talk about either synvisc or to just give me a cortisone shot in the knees or tell me I am fat. I know this. He will give me cortisone shots in my back too sometimes. I havent told him yet about my MRI yet but I am waiting to see about getting in to see the neurosurgeon. I am leery of anymore cortisone shots myself. I have had lots of them over the years and they cause the bones to get weaker and weaker. That isnt a good thing either for me.
  16. buddy

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    OH sorry! I missed this somehow.... Dear Janet! I am sorry you are in pain again, just a total bummer. HUGS