Met difficult child's girlfriend today


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difficult child brought his girlfriend to meet me and I was pleasantly surprised. She's a very nice, intelligent girl and they seem to get along great. I really liked her a lot. She doesn't use drugs or have an alcohol problem and is very supportive of difficult child. They spent the day here and then left to pack his stuff for his move back to dex's home in NJ. He's actually going through with it. He hasn't drank or used in two weeks and has several job interviews lined up in NJ. This girl obviously means a lot to him and he really wants to try to stay clean. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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I know exactly how you feel. My difficult child had met an amazing girl who I feel is really an angel sent from heaven. Sadly, she is moving almost an hour away in 3 weeks, but he insists he will just make the drive every few days to see her. I can tell it's killing him because right now they work together and see each other everyday. I have to believe if it's meant to be, they will figure out how to stay together. They are talking about possibly getting an apartment together soon. That would be nice :smile: