Met SpEd teacher on Friday for an update

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    She has put together a new "chart", and wanted to run it by me. The chart itself is good, but nothing earth shattering. They have broken the hour down into 10 minute increments, and he earns 2 stars for each 10 minute period. 1 for being on task for 7 out of the 10 minutes, and another for being in control for the period (so, even if he gets frustrated and goes to cool down, he will still earn at least 1 star for the period for maintaining control). If he gets 8 stars in the 50 minute period, he earns 10 minutes of free choice time. Anyway, that's all really kind of irrelevant to my post....
    Next to each time period is a place for the teacher or the para to write notes about what took place during that time period. The SpEd teacher showed me the first couple day's charts. She pointed out that all the paras wrote was what he did wrong, so she got onto them about pointing out the good, and hoped that was ok with me. Friday's chart had lots of little good things noted on it, instead of just all bad stuff (he also had a really good day on Friday)
    She has also been doing some additional training of her own with the paras. They have a tendency to nag Wee, and she's working with them to state their request one time and walk away, instead of being in his face, repeating it over and over. And from the sound of it, she's been pretty "in your face" to the paras about following these guidelines. She also has them work with him in her room for part of the day. Even tho she has other kids, she's able to watch/guide the paras in dealing with Wee that way. And has a standing agreement with them...if they get frustrated, they can come switch places with her - they will take her other SpEd kids, and she will shadow Wee.
    AND...the paras are split between the primary and the elementary, and even tho Wee was supposed to have 2 paras, unbeknownst to me, he started last week with 4, and she insisted that the two buildings sit down and get a schedule made that allowed Wee 2 paras, no more, no less, as she sees that Wee will never handle that many people. She also removed the male para from Wee, who, she said, had a far too authoritarian style to ever be good with Wee, and replaced him with a younger lady that Wee seems to like.
    All this from a 10 minute meeting to look over her chart and see if I had any ideas that might make it better.
    If the administration will get out of her way (and STAY out of her way), there's a remote possibility this lady can do something.
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    Fingers crossed and dancing with panthers!
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    Sounds promising!
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    She sounds like an awesome lady! I am so glad that there is someone with sense at that place who sees that there are good things regarding Wee as well as the not good things. I cannot think of an adult who would cope well if there was someone with them all day who is writing down the bad things they do every 10 minutes. It is awesome that the sp ed teacher is "in your face" with the paras regarding noting the good stuff and other elements of their training!!

    I hope that the admin people stay AWAY from Wee issues. If this happens there is a good chance Wee will actually get an education this year!!!!!!!

    You are doing a wondeerful job advocating for Wee.
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    We still have issues to address. While they agreed to almost all of my requests, they still aren't in the IEP. I'm not fighting these battles again (I just got the IEP late last week....and it is still not all in there....ugh).

    I really don't have a guy feeling one way or another as to how it will go, but this lady gets it even better than last year's sped teacher. This lady is challenging the paras to do what they should have been doing all along. So we'll see.

    At the moment, the county case manager and the advocates and I are all on the same page as far as proceeding from here. I am working on a letter to document what happened last Tuesday, and a seperate letter to address what's not in the IEP. I'm not gonna let that slide...these things NEED to be in that IEP.
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    4 paras? Thank the moon and the starts that this lady recognized that THAT wasn't going to work!

    Keep fighting - eventually they'll figure it out - right in time for him to go to middle school!!! :)