Met with-the retirement home director about missing medications, and snotty nurse


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When my dear friend was dying of cancer her pain medicine was stolen by paid care givers. They never took all of it but they took enough for it to be noticed. It is not unheard of unfortunately. Percoset and fentynal have a high street value.

They are supposed to note when script is filled and when it is administered and in what amounts etc. If they aren't then you need to make them do it and you need to check to make sure it is done. If it persists and you suspect they are stealing her medications blow the whistle on them for sure. As for the other stuff, it is horrible to abuse someone even verbally who is in so much pain and so helpless. I too would want a nanny cam if I knew someone had yelled at my loved one. I am so sorry you and P are going through this. -RM


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Okay, more info. I called the dr ofc and he had left for the day but the receptionist told me he had already changed over the files. I HATE it when people intercept my sentences!!! I told him thank you very much, but I'm actually leaving a msg to have Dr. A call me, because I would like to explain why I am changing doctors, and explain some peculiarities of the case.
Then I asked if the fax machine was in a central location or if ea dr had a sep machine. His answer, "Yes ma'am."
"Yes WHAT?"
"The fax machine is in a central location.

I can see that 2nd guessing people and speaking with-o thinking is a systemic and systematic issue. Sigh.