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    I read your response- sorry if I pressured you. I put myself through counseling/therapy in my early 20's. It took FOREVER and many therapists to find one that I thought could help. (Most I thought were quacks) Then, I found one who had similar life experiences, the training, and really understood. It changed my life in such a short period of time. Now, maybe I became spoiled to thinking there are more good tdocs out there- apparently I did- because I want so much to find the therapist who can change my difficult child's life. I didn't really think you could find that for us- I just had a feeling you had felt my frustration over not being able to find it. It's not that a therapist can work miracles, it's that a good one who really understands the problem, can actually help "rewire" what needs to be rewired, which in my case, was a miracle!!

    Thanks, for trying!!!
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    Oh, hon, I didn't take it that way at all. I just wish I could have helped more, but I haven't had much luck with therapists myself, for me or my son. Trust me, I didn't feel pressured.

    Have a great night;)