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    Not sure yet, and really won't be utterly sure until Nichole's husband's new insurance kicks in which should be any day. He just landed himself a new job that pays more, has better benefits, AND treat their employees well.

    Last weekend evidently Nichole got utterly bombed, thanks to a shot that her husband made for her. In his defense, I'm pretty sure he had no clue it would hit her like it did, but she'd already been drinking some and it was an awfully potent shot. So, thankfully, she doesn't have easy child and my issue of not being able to toss her cookies when she gets too much alcohol in her system......because she just started vomiting until she finally passed out. She felt like total hades the next morning which is out of character. Me and my girls don't suffer from hang overs regardless of what we drink or how much. I've counseled them endlessly on how dangerous this can be, you know, to have no real repercussions afterward.

    That following day she tosses her cookies a few more times and the nausea won't diminish. The next day the nausea........ By wednesday she calls and says mom I still feel like hades and this doesn't make sense. My first question is "Are you swollen?". Her kidneys honestly don't deal well with alcohol. Which tells me she already has significant diminished function, but again she's waiting for that insurance because old insurance was making her wait an extended period of time claiming it was pre existing. No swelling at all. So probably not her kidneys. So I asked if she'd had her period and if it was normal. She'd just had it but it was light spotting, not normal. But since she didn't miss a single pill this month she didn't give it a thought.

    I told her to go get a preg test to make sure. That's what she was thinking, but her husband thought it would be over reacting. So she goes gets a test.

    Her result: a white positive line (it's supposed to be pink....should only have the white one after 10 mins)

    I tell her to wait and try again the next morning. Again the white positive line. I tell her she's preggers. But mom it's supposed to be pink! Reminded her that she has yet to have a preg test come up with a "pink" line, they're always so faint as to appear white. But as the doctor says, a line is a line is a line. That just usually means the level of hcg (preg hormone) isn't very high. She's trying to deny it. I don't argue, no point to it. I say, ok. If you're still in doubt wait and try again. This morning she did it again, same result.

    Now I will say that one result of a positive line being faint enough to appear white might be a false positive, but the odds of 3 different test done on 3 different days coming up with the exact same result ALL being false positive, is pretty darn low. And one has to take into account her low functioning kidney's......they alter such urine tests. Trust me I know. been there done that many times.

    Nichole is not upset about the prospect, just confused. But Mom, I didn't miss a single pill! Now at this point I had to laugh. I've told my girls as long as I can remember that the BC pill is NOT our friend. The females in my family, for whatever reason, get pregnant on the pill.......rather easily I might add, almost like it has the opposite effect. It's how my mom got me. How my two sisters got their kids, ALL of them. (they were slow to figure it out) It's how I got easy child and the baby I lost before her. It's how easy child got Darrin, Brandon, AND Connor..........Now with miscarried baby, doctor used them as fertility enhancers if I remember right, had her take them several months, then stop. She was taking them with Brandon because doctor warned her it wasn't a good idea to get preggers for about 6 months after a miscarriage. (well that didn't work) She took them with Connor even after I reminded her it didn't work with Brandon. While I'm at it, I have 2 nieces who managed to get preggers on the BC shot.

    I'd say that pretty well proves my point. With Aubrey Nichole was not on the pill or using BC. With the baby before Oliver she'd just come off the shot. With Oliver, she hadn't really had time to start BC as she got preggers again almost immediately.

    This, my friends, is why I stopped using bc after Nichole. At that point I gave up. easy child was the pill, as was the baby before her. Travis was condom and pill combination. Nichole was vasectomy. Do you blame me?? lol I did get on the pill for 2 months when Nichole was 8 yrs old to help with a cyst........I got preggers, lost it. I've had 6 pregnancies and 3 live births. BC of any form hasn't done me much good.

    We're Myrtle the Fertile Turtle types, every female in the family at least as far back as my maternal grandmother.

    So I guess we'll wait and see. In the meantime Nichole is still dealing with nausea, and now the migraines she had with Aubrey have started. Soon as she gets the insurance card in her hand she's going for the blood test. Same thing she had to do for all her other pregnancies, she just doesn't get those pretty pink lines.

    And..........while I'm at it.............

    easy child has a IUD in place, due to the whole BC pill nonsense. She was going to get her tubes tied after Connor because the boys are so close together. I talked her into waiting because she's always wanted a big family (at least 4), and a little girl. Since the only reason she was going to do the tubal was because the last 2 boys are so close.......I didn't think it was such a wise decision, I wanted her to think about it first and discuss it with sister in law.

    She's been having some preg like symptoms..........she let it slip on fb. Her friends (nurses by the way) all jumped on it. Mom kept her mouth shut. easy child shot them down because of the IUD. They reminded her that it IS possible to get preggers with the IUD, and to make sure she tests if symptoms persist. (which is why mom kept her mouth shut, they gave her the same advice I would) Worries me because it can be a very dangerous situation if she waits too long. But she's not said a word to me.......and I've not brought it up. I figure if she wants to tell me, or if there is anything to tell me she will.

    Never a dull moment I suppose, huh? lol

    Not so worried about Nichole. This isn't distressing her. They can easily afford another child and nearly have the down payment for their first home saved up. What DOES worry her is that hormones do a number on her. She knows this. With Aubrey.........well, we'll just say it was a living nitemare and leave it there......as it didn't help she suddenly found herself without medications on top of the hormone issue. With Oliver it was better but most of her days were spent working hard on self control. And there were still some random times when she lost it.

    So I told her this time because Oliver is a baby, she'll know she'll have to work harder at it. And honestly, she did do pretty darn good with the self control last time. I'd say pretty much within the realm of pregnancy hormone nonsense.

    easy child I sort of wish would just test to rule it out. It would make me feel better. My mom got preggers on the IUD when i was about 9 or 10.......that was a disaster. She never has told us the truth about that time, but with my training it's not too hard to figure out that is what was going on. :sigh:

    So folks............It looks like I might be going to be a Nana again. Maybe I'll get another granddaughter............She IS having the same symptoms she did with Aubrey. lol
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    Congratulations, Nana!!!
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    OMG. I wanna know where Nichole's husband works, I am sending MY husband there. So WE can afford for me to stay home!

    And as far as THAT goes, would that be funny, or what... Me, Nichole, easy child, all about the same time?! OMG!
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    I don't remember the company name. But Nichole can tell you. They snatched him up pretty fast. There is also a company that does govt contracts.........they wanted him too, but he turned them down because he didn't feel like he had enough experience to do the job alone, but your husband does. It paid really good too. :)

    And yeah, you and Nichole together would be pretty AWESOME! Two girls would send me totally over the top. lol For that matter.............easy child too?? OMG! I'd be in baby heaven. :rofl: (although if easy child is she needs tests asap or preg would not be viable and would instead be extremely dangerous) Not so sure how easy child would feel about another one though, but at least Connor and a new baby would be 2 yrs apart instead of 1.
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    WOW, that is quite a story. Of course once they are on the way, being a nana again is amazing. But I hope they are both well and things are ok! My mom got pregnant on an IUD..this was a long time ago and they are so different now.... and they removed it so she lost the baby. Tough stuff.
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    Very cool story! Congrats (fingers crossed everyone is well)!
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    Congrats on the new grandbaby!!!

    As for BC, well, I have 2 pill babies and all 3 of mine were conceived using at least 2 types of BC. Three mos on the pill and I am pregnant, or was before the hysterectomy. One doctor told me it was impossible to get preg on the pill unless you took it incorrectly. He was wrong. The types of BC used today have a very low dose of hormones in them. There is a substantial portion of women for whom BC actually works like a fertility treatment. The dr who I adore explained that this happens because many don't know they have fertility issues and they have suchlow hormone levels that the boost from BC gets the preggo in a few weeks-months. He and his partners always suggest taking BC for a few months as you try to get pregnant if you have problems. then he moves up to more "heavy duty" medications and therapies, but often those are not needed.

    I think that we try to plan our families and G0d laughs and gives us what he wants us to have.

    Of course it does make our hubbies strut around for a week or two after we got preggo if we had fertlity problems. They think it is ALL because they are "real men", lol. I used to just laugh at husband for the first couple of weeks because he was just SOOOOO proud of it.
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    Well, you know, they DID put me on the pill all 3 of my IVF cycles, to regulate things...
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    Omgosh! Oliver was born in August right?!?! My grandson Lukas was born in August and if easy child ended up preggers I think she would fall over!! Lukas is such a great baby. So happy and talkative. But she would so not be ready for another!
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    LOL yup, Oliver was born in August. If she's preggers........and she's still having symptoms.......this was would be due late Oct early Nov I'm guessing, but I don't have the date of her last period to go by. So, yeah. A little close together. Being a stay at home mommy will make it easier.

    Connor and Brandon aren't much further apart. Brandon is Feb and Connor is August, they were 18 months apart. It was not easy though on easy child who was working full time, still isn't and probably won't be until both boys are potty trained.

    The hardest period was when Connor was newborn and up all hours of the night.