Migraine help that will move you.

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    So Family Circle (get that magazine free) has this article about migraines. ANY article about ridding yourself of migraines I dog ear and read as soon as I can. Any treatment within reason I try because I suffer from really bad ones. Since taking Topamax? Mmm not so bad, but I have done years of diary work and self-monitoring weather, diet, diet eliminations, allergens et cetera, ad nauseum- literally.

    I also have taken every single migraine remedy known to woman. One of my biggest problems is hormonal fluctuations. Fiorcet nearly killed me (medicine especially taken during onset of periods) and that was the end of that. So imagine my delight to read in Family Circle that Magnesium in the amount of 650 mg a day on the 15th day of your cycle is having remarkable effects for hormonal onset migraines.

    I got some the next day. 250 mg x 3 tablets....is 750 'cause I can't multiply right, but I can't cut one pill and is that going to work...lah lah lah.....so I get 100 mg. more big deal right? Okay - and I checked with my pharmacist and she said it 'could help' that Magnesium is a mineral that has properties that are known to RELAX your muscles and nerves. OH joy - RELAX....BONUS...SCHWING!!!!!!!

    So I bought them. I also know that if you take certain medicines - you can NOT take Magnesium so if you intend on taking this - check with your pharmacist 1st.

    Anyway - (slap my head) I'm not in pain - THIS IS WONDERFUL.....it's not completely gone.....but manageable. HOW WONDERFUL.....HOW GREAT THIS IS........OMG this is.......WOW.......this is.....WT? HEY.......WHAT.......IS............RUN STAR........RUN............

    So I'm sitting in the bathroom and it occurs to me that Magnesium MAY just be the source of MAGNESIA as in MILK OF. You know.......PHILLIPS MILK OF MAGNESIA.....OH WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF? Relaxed myself alright. PFT.....

    Oh only you Star.....again.

    It's true - you only exchange one problem.......for another. And my luck Imodium will give me ........a migraine.

    :whiteflag::whiteflag::whiteflag:Somedays I swear I keep looking for the warning tag on my life......but alas. It went the way of the illegally removed mattress tag.
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    Good thing I was only drinking water when reading this, since the water is all over my computer/keyboard...via my nose! Sorry for your tough day, but I want to thank you for the laugh.
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    Try magnesium malate...not easy to find, but heard it works well for migraines l and is not likely to cause that "other problem."
    You should be able to get it at www.iherb.com
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    Oh I knew what was going to happen as soon as you said magnesium! I am so sensitive to it that even a fourth of that 250 mg tab would have me in the bathroom for a day. Way back before thank you I tried this one and spend days in the bathroom because my doctor tried to tell me that my body would "adjust" in about 24-48 hours. Hah! He was WRONG!! I have never had so much trouble sitting down in my life - not even after giving birth!!!

    Magnesium malate does help some people. It can also help with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms. The malate version is less likely to cause the frequent bathroom stops for most people.

    I have heard that magnesium glycinate is less likely to cause bowel issues also.

    However (ya just KNEW there was a "however", didn't ya?), the bowel problem is a sign that you are taking too much magnesium. Your body is just eliminating the extra mag. I have heard that taking it for a while at levels that cause bowel problems can result in too much acid in the waste and it will burn your bottom on the way out. It really hurts from what I understand.

    The general recommendation is to back off the magnesium dosage just to where you don't have the bathroom problem. It should still help at that level. Maybe try 1 tab a day and increase gradually until you find "your" level. Not everyone needs 650 mg to help their migraines.

    I am glad you are on track to find something that helps!
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!


    This is kinda funny in a sick way, 'cuz I've got a headache tonight (and I don't usualy get them), and difficult child 1 has been stuck in the bathroom today. How ironic is that...
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Mom2oddson - (passes towel) sorry - it's just my life....swear. My pharmacist told me to try taking it every other day and do some research to see what foods would be high in magnesium.

    Nomad - I will check that out and try the herbal site you recommended. Thanks. It does help. Just a little too much if you ......know what I mean.

    Susie....You confirmed exactly what the pharmacist told me. She said once my levels are refreshed - that should be ENOUGH but laughed when I told her about Imodium giving me a migraine. She's been wonderful trying to help me find things to help.

    FYI - HEAD ON rub - is wonderful......not for hot days when it drips into your eyes - but the menthol is instant and good with a shot blast of caffeine.

    Thanks everyone -

    CHickey - There just are no words.....snort......lol
  7. Star, I don't suffer from migraine headaches. I've only ever in my whole life had one headache that fit the description. I cannot fathom what it would be like to suffer with that kind of pain on a regular basis.

    I was in Medical CEU training where the instructor suggested a TCM approach for migraine headaches. The suggestion has never been well received by ppl I've encountered mid-headache, but I know from my one and only experience that I'd be willing to try just about anything to stop that pain!

    TCM suggested solution? Plunge feet in a basin of ice water for a few minutes.

    If you ever are brave enough to try that, please let me know how it works.