Migraine Week

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jul 27, 2010.

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    It is only Tuesday, but since Sunday at least 2 of us have had a migraine every day. thank you joined us today with the 2nd migraine he has ever had. I still have hopes that he will escape most of the tendency to have migraines the way Wiz has. Wiz gets maybe 2 a year now.

    It is so hard to watch him crying and confused, trying to figure out how it happened when not 10 minutes ago he was just fine.

    "Luckily" after the first migraine I got the ok from his doctor to give him appropriate medications. He has has 25 mg of imitrex, one aleve, and a sudafed. The weather is going back and forth from sunny to stormy almost daily and I think that is our trigger.

    Cross fingers and rattle beads that tomorrow or the next day we can be free of this cursed group of migraines. I fight mine off for an hour or two and then it comes back worse than ever.

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    I sure hope tomorrow is better! Gentle hugs xo
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    As I was reading your first paragraph, I was wondering if you had an unstable weather system in the area. Then you answered that question. Weather was always my most potent trigger back when I had migraines. I've escaped sideways for the last few years. My blood pressure medication (beta blocker) stopped the migraines.

    I hope it gets better soon. I sure haven't forgotten what it's like.