Military Appreciation at Golden Corral Restaurant

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    Monday, Nov 11, is military appreciation at Golden Corral. Anyone who has served in our military (past or present) gets a free meal between 4 and 9 pm. No ID is necessary according to the website. National Guard members are included, of course.

    I know some of us have served, have loved ones who have served, or want to support the men and women in our military. Until now I didn't realize that Golden Corral not only has this free meal, it also donates and collects money from guests to support Disabled Amercan Veterans and that they run Camp Corral, a camp for chilren of military members.

    I wonder if Camp Corral might be interesting to some of our members for a summer resource to help with their kids. Either to get difficult child out and occupied or to give the easy child kids a break from the stress. As it is free, it might be worth exploring.

    I hope this helps or at least interests someone.