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    I'm posting over here because I thought some who don't frequent the General board might have some pointers. Everyone- including a psychiatrist- has thought difficult child would do very well in a boarding school. I realize it's all new, but difficult child is very proud of his new JROTC status and has said for 3 months (he's been locked up for over 4 mos this time) that being incarcerated is not that hard :)surprised1:). He doesn't say it in a cocky way- it's almost like he realizes that he functions well with the constraints and living with peers that all have the same rules. He wants to come home, but he knows he doesn't function well here- he even told the judge that he was worried about how he would do if he came home. He has always done well in psychiatric hospital's and detention.

    Soooo...if I can't afford tuitions that equal or exceed college costs and the kid obviously isn't going to qualify for any merit scholarship, does anyone know if there is ANY way to get costs covered for boarding school? Military would be preferable, but not abolutely necessary. Also, I'm under the impression that some churches will help a kid- such as catholic- but we are not catholic, nor belong to any church. And, we'd have to find one that would accept him in spite of his juvenile record.

    I know it's unlikely- it's just another pain in my side for feeling that something that could really help my son is not accessible to us.
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    that's not a bad idea, what made you think of it?? so, he's still doing well? how's your haircut holding up???

    i'll pm you a name of a place i've heard of.........
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    Thanks, Jena! Hair is, well about the same. I'm still debating about getting more cut off.

    difficult child is still doing very well, thank you! He's had NO write-ups in all this time (Mom knocks on wood)!
    He's exhibited no cutting, suicide threats, or explosions. He's handled pressure from gang members and bullies very well, as well as taking orders. Since he appears to be doing some soul-searching, I have asked him to think about why he can't do this at home, ITRW, and tell me so we can work on it before he's released. I realize that the easy answer is that it's manipulation, but I don't think all of it is. I think it has more to do with feeling like he doesn't fit in at school and with peers.

    We have several boarding schools in our state and some are known to be quite good. The problem is cost- assuming I could get one to accept him at all. But, if he keeps doing well, keeps grades up, and gets recommendations from Department of Juvenile Justice and the JROTC staffm I'm hoping that one might accept him. Still- I can't afford it- costs are very high.
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    I think there are some schools that do scholarships. I know there are the Challenge programs run through the National Guard but I think he would be too young for that. I think you have to be 16. I dont know if the military school up in -is it blackstone? - does scholarships but Sallie Mae financial offers tuition loans for high school. Might be worth it. If he came out of a military school, and all the JROTC stuff and no more trouble with the law, Im betting the military would waiver him in. They do have that option.
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    I pm'd you.
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    I don't know of anything, but he's never too young to start looking...
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    Thanks, all! Janet, according to Department of Juvenile Justice school principal, if they do well in JROTC, they can get waivered into the military once they show they've turned themselves around. I'm thinking if he made it thru a military boarding school, he could get a partial scholarship to college or go into the military. difficult child would just need to come out of Department of Juvenile Justice understanding that this is his best chance for regaining a good future.

    It sounds like I need to make some phone calls. I really dread facing the possibility of more dead ends though.
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    I know it is frustrating to hit all those dead ends, but you only need one open door. Maybe his Master Sargent from JROTC has an idea???
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    Hey, that's a great idea, JJJ! They might be having another family day next month, that would be a good opportunily for me to chat with him and do some "information gathering".

    I knnow I'm preaching to the choir and saying the obvious, but I still don't understand why ouur politicians/state can't take the same amoubnt of money that they waste on useless, ineffective programs and staff to do nothing but half-way supervise our kids and places to "house" them, and put it into something like a boarding school- a real one, that is appropriately run. It cost as much to keep my son incarcerated as it would to send him to one. And I hate to think how much money is spent on salaries for those in courts services unit (probation, parole, mst) and their success rate is not very high.
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    Well not all kids in juvy are appropriate for placement in a boarding school type placement and need those court officers. I believe your son is one who would benefit from a boarding school. I believe Cory would have too and I begged my parents to send me to a boarding school when I was young. Somehow in my warped little brain I knew I needed that structure and that I was spiraling out of control but no one listened to me. Too bad huh?

    Have you googled "military schools and scholarships" or something to that effect? Or even PM WSM, her stepson is in a military school and I believe the school system pays for it.
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    Good points, Janet!
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    Well, I dont think I would have wanted quite a Military boarding school but do you remember that show back then with a group of girls...Jo and a little black girl who has recently played on a show with queen latifa? Gosh what was it called? I can almost here the They were in a boarding school.

    Well anyways...I used to wish I could go to a all female boarding school that prepped for college. My parents could have well afforded it too. Heck they sent me to private school in elementary school! Then just dumped me in a huge public jr high and I floundered.
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    There's one up north in Front Royal, too. A friend of my mom's sent her troubled (running with a bad crowd, easily peer-pressured, but not really a difficult child) son there, and he's very much turned his act around with the structure. Seems like a good place.
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