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    I KNOW I saw it but I can't find. Does anyone have the address of where to send the military ecards? Thanks!
  2. meowbunny

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    I thought we couldn't send any "real" cards -- none of the branches were accepting them because of the potential risk of someone including something dangerous in the cards?
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    Also interestingly enough, I read on snopes that Although the Walter Reed Army Medical Center is not accepting holiday cards for recovering soldiers, the American Red Cross has said that small gifts may be sent to patients in that facility through them:
    The Walter Reed Army Medical Center is ONLY accepting phone cards, CDs, individual small packets of candy, things like that; which they will distribute among the soldiers (as they have a lot of in and out patients). They are not accepting Holiday Cards, as they don't have the human resources to distribute them.

    You may send your packets to:

    American Red Cross
    Walter Reed Army Medical Center
    6900 Georgia Avenue NW
    Washington, Difficult Child 20307-5000
    Last updated: 9 November 2007

    The URL for this page is