mini crime spree while suspended from school

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    Angel got suspended yesterday for hitting ketchup packs with her fist on the table squirting it at her sister but got another student with it.

    So then she took off last night couple hours later she is caught stuffing a bag with 3 books & 2 stuffed animals and 2 5hour energy shots in her window, her sister says gave Angel money to buy the stuff (has me wondering what Angel has on her must be good for $25)

    Later she has the too much energy and goofy giddy silly laughing & singing (singing big red flag for her) still up all wild eyed 4 hours after night time medications.

    Tonight get home from sitting with my mom to find out the girls are not home. They show up around 10pm then they keep going back outside, I go out there looking for the cigarettes or whatever the attraction is and find a garbage bag with probably about $50 worth of toys, nail polishes, lipsticks, stuffed animals & candy - Angel split, Rachel starts blubbering - all upset she paid for some of that stuff. Told them last night I need to see a receipt - without one it all goes back to the store.

    So did the rounds of the neighborhood with a flashlight - garage roof down the street, dumpster at the apartments, abandon house and it's yard, up in the trees etc. was about to give up when the neighbors bushes giggled when I walked by. 11:30 by now, get her in the house and give her night time medications.

    Angel was too wound up to sleep can see the wild eyes claims not to have touched any energy drinks or pop (it's usually other kids thing) her and I are talking and she says she steals stuff because everything she has is junk. Now I know I have pictures of my furniture before she got to it and she is the reason all this stuff is now junk. This kid has smashed oak file cabinets during rages, flying tv's etc.

    OK this kid never admits to anything yet tonight she admitted to stealing the stuffed animals and toys told on her sister for stealing nail polishes & lipsticks but bought the candy & gum (8 packs) - she's got the wild eyes, hyper talkative, unusually happy for someone who just lost all her loot!

    She finally fell asleep about 5 minutes ago, but 500mg Seroquel with- 3mg Melatonin to help it shouldn't take 4 hours to work. I did get her in for blood work today so will probably get the lithium level Monday. Luckily the store they looted is the same one our pharmacy is in, they know us well... I believe the manager will just take the stuff back for me.

    OK so Angel is mad as the hatter right now, her sister her gullible patsy, the loot is going back to the store... figure when in Rome while Angel is manic maybe the punishment should be in way of cleaning...

    OK I'm handing out hard labor how much do you think for R (the sane one at moment who went along with) time wise?

    Same thing for Angel? keep in mind repeat offender who violated her probation for shoplifting (one phone call would sit 92 days in jail) but I'm not putting a manic person in jail, she will go in psychiatric hospital first.
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    I think she sounds manic and like she needs to be in residential treatment to adjust medications. Or force medications. I don't know if you have the insurance for that, but her medications are not working. I'd start making calls today.
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    Oh wow, she sounds sick, can she just be put in the psychiatric hospital? Can you call her doctor??
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    She's a real PITA right now but I'm pretty sure it's because the medications are out of whack (she is taking them not cheeking them, I check) I got her in yesterday while she was suspended for fasting blood draw, so should have Lithium level on Monday.

    It's coming up on 2 year mark of starting the Lithium I'm wondering if it's doing similar as she did with Depakote after about 18 months her body just starts processing it weird. I'm hoping it's a matter of adjusting dose or adding another MS to it rather then her having to discontinue the lithium.

    in my opinion the amount of Seroquel they are giving her should knock out a bull elephant so I'm hoping they don't go up much with that one.

    Found out R only got $5 from the neighbor she claims gave her $100, so now R is lying and stealing too GRRRRR starting to wish R was in the county system too so could access some funding for a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or boot camp, looking in my crystal ball afraid gonna see me bouncing between two prisons on visitors day. Think I should contact a camp and find out what needs to be done to get financial aid. I gotta go hard core on Angel after a medications adjustment and R is too fragile she will snap.

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    Did they test for other drugs as well?
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    psychiatrist & endo docs bloodwork was looking mostly at thyroid & lithium level (endo looked for cancer antibodies too)
    GI was focused on problems with- food sensitivities etc.
    pediatrician did a full blood panel including tox screen

    wasn't joking a week ago when said 4 doctors were out for blood with Angel, nothing showed up in the hair samples sent to lab about a month ago, I don't think that's whats going on with those two but if it is hopefully the bloodwork will catch it. Never will forget that day they were tearing each others hair out and I started getting the samples out of their hands, neither one blinked when told them for a drug test. Wonder if now Angel is getting into the energy drinks? she says no and I was getting more honesty out of her last night then I have in years, not sure just trying to keep an eye on things for now.
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    It does sound like extreme mania to me. Lithium and depakote are not the only mood stabilizers, just the oldest and the ones the docs seem to want to try first. Personally I am not so keep with Seroquel because it can cause the cholesterol to soar very fast, especially at those higher levels though it made mine go sky high on very low levels. I had to go off of it after only being on it a pretty short period of time from starting out at 12.5 mgs and ending up at 75 mgs.

    My son just started Invega today. It is in the same family as Seroquel. I dont know how it will work but I have heard some good things about it here. Im hoping for good things! Crossing fingers for him.

    As far as punishments, I knew a mom once who did something that I thought was an amazing thing. She made her kids do a tit for tat type thing. If they stole something then they had to take the item back of course but they also had to write an Im sorry letter and they had to give up an item of theirs that was worth the approximate value of what the stole. I think this taught the kids a whole lot.
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    Fingers crossed Janet that the Invega helps him it looked like a good one when I was researching it but it's too closely related to the risperdal Angel had a severe tardive reaction she can't trial it. Seroquel never been a problem except trying to get enough fluids in her (messes with- sodium levels) apparently the lithium does too but in other direction anyway she still needs more water.

    Sorry if too much information but hit & run posting this weekend again 3 hours after night medications and she's still up but not too aggresive and no singing TG! anyway was easier to just copy & paste from parent insite - medications summary

    Angel's taken-

    MS's - Depakote (good for 18 months) Trileptal (NG) Depakote again (good for about 14 months) Lamictal (think psychiatrist quit too soon 100mg) Topamax (aka dopamax NG) Lithium since 2010 never really saw stable till lithium

    AP's - Risperdal (worked well until tardive reaction 16 months in), Seroquel, Seroquel & Abilify both (horrible tic's, 30mg was disc. cold turkey causing 3 month psychosis) Seroquel & Haldol while inpatient for Abilify cold turkey thing. (lots of side effects from the Haldol , drooling tics etc.) Seroquel

    Stimulants fuel mania & psychosis, strattera severe aggression, Tenex aggression, Clonidine mania & irritation, Lexapro got very reckless often involving high places,

    Ativan tames anxiety & rages but she likes it too much should only be prn not daily
    Benadryl is rocket fuel so is orange powdered cheese like cheeto's or box mac & cheese have
    Major GI issues takes 2 ducolax & 2 pericolace every day, Miralax hidden in food & high fiber diet ; sensitivities to soy & corn (no problems with-wheat or milk)
    Hoshimoto's Underactive thyroid - Levothyroxine

    This kid is one complicated little cookie to try to figure out its like the bermuda triangle got the bipolar, the gut issues & the thyroid stuff then gotta get all 3 of those under control before can do anything at all for the Asperger's which isn't willing to just sit on a back burner while deal with the triangle - that every time think I've found a way out it pulls me back in.

    Anything jump out at any of you? If she sounds like any kind of medical disorder different from listed in signature or medications info... I'm open to idea's; just keep thinking I gotta be missing something? It shouldn't be this hard to stabilize this kid.

    LOL listen to me like the universe owes me a stable child - it's my mom's fault she yelled "one day you will have a child and she will make you look like an angel" I even named her Angel and still got the curse - thanks mom
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    Well I told Cory one day he would have 3 just like him and so far his kids seem just His first one is the most normal, beautiful little girl around. She is blond haired and blue eyed and wins beauty pageants. The youngest is almost 9 months old and is half american indian and has the complexion of J-lo. She has lovely brown hair and brown eyes and the most precious smile. He didnt appear to get the difficult child genes. Or he parents better than I Maybe I taught him well.

    Cory did well on Lithium too but it made him shake badly and that just couldnt go on. It also started off making him hypothyroid but I have a feeling he may now be hyperthyroid because about a year after he went off all medication including the synthroid, he dropped a ton of weight. He had started dropping weight when he was on the lithium/synthroid combo but nothing like he dropped when he went off them all together. At about 20 he dropped completely from about 200 pounds down to 170. Before 200 he was at 250 at his highest with medication weight.

    I have been taking lamictal at a much higher dose than they tried on your dtr. 200 is the normal starting dose. And I know some folks dont like topamax, it works for me but I am at a very high dose.