Mini Meltdown

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Jul 30, 2008.

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    MINE - I just couldn't handle anything this morning - too much going on with VBS duties, messy house, work load, and difficult child norm.

    Since difficult child's babysitter is unavailable this week, I took him to work with me (was suppose to be only 45 minutes). We stopped at a gas station to fill up with gas and get breakfast pizzas. Somewhere in the store, I gave difficult child a $10 bill to pay for lunch at the bowling alley.

    At the office, difficult child couldn't keep his hands off things including the fan and my name plate. Just the annoying little things that are so gigantically distracting that no one can get anything done with that behavior in the room. I was getting angry with him. He finished his breakfast and I took him to the restroom to wash hands and face (chocolate frosting from donut on face and hands). When we returned, he asked for pencil and paper. I gave him pen and paper on a clip board. "But I can't erase if I need to." About one minute later, "Mom, where are your staples?" "Put that down" "I want to put staples in the stapler." "I don't have time to deal with that, I have to get this done." "When you need the stapler next, you will wish you would have let me put staples in." All the above happened within 20 minutes and I was done with it. "O.K., OUT!!!! Get out of this office - I am taking you to the bowling alley NOW!!!"

    Not a fun ride to the bowling alley but as we got there, difficult child discovered that he had lost the $10 bill. ARRRG - And I don't have any more cash (no dollars anyway). difficult child can wait until 12:30 to eat but needs a beveridge and possibly a snack. I went in to search my purse and found the $1.75 in change he needed for a Poweraid. I took it back to the van where difficult child had found more money in the van. I told him to take all of it and go inside. I was still very angry over the loss of time for work and his annoying behavior.

    I get back to the parking lot at work. Took a few seconds to pick up some items that fell out of a container and started to walk into work. On the ground, I found the $10 bill. So, I take another 10 - 15 minutes to take it to difficult child at the bowling alley.

    O.K. difficult child is now where he is suppose to be and I can get to work. The problem is I just can not prioritize this morning. I am so overwhelmed by the work load - where do I start first? There are a few items that I choose to wait on until I am able to face them without screaming! If I have to open my mouth to answer the phone, I am sure I will fired because the first thing out of my mouth regardless of who is on the other side would be, "Shut up - don't call me" Probably not a good way to represent our facility. I think today I just can not take on one more thing and there was at least one more new thing on my desk this morning.

    So, I took a few minutes and had a little melt down. I am so glad that I have a private office and am out of sight of the office closest to mine down the hall. I went to the rest room to wash my face. And finally pulled myself together. I CAN do this - just one item at a time and don't worry about what doesn't get done - I will get to it eventually!

    difficult child called me at 9:40 to apologize. By 10:00 I was back to my old self again (not sure if that is good or bad, but it is norm and I do like it).

    Now, I have decided to wait until I go to church at 5:00 to finish setting up the art room. We have a painting project tonight. I set out most of the items last night just need to put out water to clean brushes and rags to dry the brush - a craft staff stated she would like each kid have their own brush instead of one brush per color. Both work and I always let the staff working the room choose their method. I wrote instructions on the board.

    I THINK everything is set up for tonight. I need to check crew folders to see if anyone needs new coloring sheets but I didn't see any finished ones last night so I don't think they were used.

    I THINK the music leader has asked me to do the opening and closing for the rest of the week? If I have to do the opening, I will need to review that at 5:00 also, the closing I can review during the evening between checking on groups.

    On Sunday late afternoon, I left difficult child at church with the decorating crew and when I pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot, I started talking to him before realizing he was not with me! I think I am loosing my mind!

    O.K. Midweek VBS panic is done - tonight, tomorrow, and Friday VBS will go great. Everything is running smoothly, I just keep thinking that means I am missing something but I think it just means that everything is set up well? I have done this so many years, it is becoming too easy. Just like a group of kids - if you know all of them, it doesn't seem as many as if you didn't know them. Same with the duties of setting up VBS - I know all the details so well it is like 2nd nature to go through them.

  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Awwww, Andy! You go right ahead and have yourself a hissy fit if that's what you need! been there done that. In fact, it's sometimes a weekly thing for me! Hope difficult child occupies himself constructively at the bowling alley so you can get your stuff done for today. There are some days where we all wonder if it was worth getting out of bed!
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    Oh Andy. Sorry you had such a frustrating time of it.
    I can empathize with having a difficult child at work when you're under tight deadlines.

    (I had my difficult child at the office with me for several days last summer, when he was on 24/7 "eye-hold" and no one else was available to watch him. I swear a couple of days I wanted to duct-tape his mouth shut and tie him to a chair)

    Go ahead and pitch a fit if that's what you need to decompress. It's a good thing that you have a private spot in which to do so.

    Hope nothing went amiss at the bowling alley and that you're able to finish all of your projects.

  4. Awwwwww! We all need those mini meltdown moments sometime. lol

  5. Wiped Out

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    Oh my-you deserved that mini-meltdown. Hugs!
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    Yep, you deserved it. difficult child's and work don't mix. And you have a very full plate this week.

    I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.