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    No, it's not what you might think.

    Years ago back when Betsy was born the only reason I kept her was because Nichole begged me saying she wanted to take her with her when she moved out on her own. Her first apartment was much too small to consider it. The apartment they're in now is plenty big, but her husband was totally against it. (if it's not his idea, generally he's against it) So she tried a pup, but that didn't work because a zillion potty trips from a 2 story apartment was a major PITA, pups personality didn't suit the family, and of course she did all the puppy things that get on your nerves. Nichole had to find the pup a new forever home.

    I told her after that it was silly for her to try another pup when she had a dog already right here who she knows completely from BIRTH and who is already trained and adores both her and Aubrey.....and now Oliver. She really likes Nichole's husband despite his I don't like you attitude to her. Betsy is far beyond any of the puppy stunts, not that she really ever did any. And Nichole knows all her little quirks. I told Nichole that Betsy has missed both her and Aubrey (especially Aubrey) so terribly since they moved 3 yrs ago. (evident each time they visit)

    Then I used the You Promised You'd Take Her When You Left Home card. So Nichole agreed if she got the urge again for a dog, she'd take Betsy. She would have a couple of months back but her husband was fighting her on it. Nichole talked to him until he finally agreed. She told me friday she wanted to come pick up Betsy today.

    Don't get me wrong. I love Betsy. She's been in my home from the moment she entered the world. She's a great dog. She's an awesome companion and the world's best "buddy dog". Only she doesn't work so well here. Once she got jealous over Molly and attacked her (and Molly refused to defend herself), I've had to keep them separated except in the yard. Betsy is fine with Molly in the yard as long as there are no people. Keeping them separated has been a major PITA to put it mildly. Yet re homing Betsy is not really a viable option as I train my dogs to be social up to a point.......I don't want them friendly with just anyone. Which means they don't take to strangers very well. Which would make re homing difficult at best. So for the past however long it's been (seems like forever) Betsy is gated in the living room and Molly has the rest of the house. This worked fine when husband was alive as he camped out in the livingroom and I in the kitchen on the computer. Betsy adored husband and was his "buddy" even if he did fuss at her all the time. She had consistent attention. With husband gone......I still rarely go into the living room, I'm not a tv watcher, I might sit in there to read on occasion, but if I don't deliberately think to actually go in there and spend time with her..............Well, let's just say there have been times when a week will past with me not doing so. I feel bad about it, seriously, but I just do not think to go into the livingroom, it's not my normal habit to do so. So Betsy has been somewhat neglected in the people dept.

    And on top of it all, Betsy has been terribly depressed since husband passed.

    I wasn't expected it to feel like someone punched me in the gut when Nichole said she wanted to come and get her. But honestly, this is BEST for Betsy if it works out. Aubrey spent the first 3 yrs of her life with Betsy (Betsy was born 2 wks before Aubrey). Aubrey has missed Betsy terribly, they were "buds". So even if Nichole gets busy, there will be Aubrey to play with and Oliver too. And Betsy will be THE dog with all the attention. I know Nichole will take excellent care of her and she'll even be walked all the time ect and go on many of the "adventures" Nichole used to take Molly on when she was younger. Betsy deserves that happiness. I don't really have time to give her that. In the future I'll probably have even less time to give her that. And I couldn't even add a younger dog to our home to give her a more active companion because of her jealousy issues. This is good for her. I know it is.

    Still I'm a little sad to see her go. :( But sometimes you have to love someone enough to give them the best, even if that isn't with you.

    Molly is upset. I knew she would be. She knows Betsy is gone for good. The crate is gone, Betsy's dishes are gone as are her toys. Molly has been through this many times before for various reasons. She knows. But she was in the yard, so I know she also saw Betsy go with Nichole. So she "knows" where she is/who she's with, so maybe she won't worry. And it's not like before, Molly will see Betsy again during visits as will I.

    If for whatever reason it doesn't work out, Nichole can bring Betsy home again and we just go back to the way it was.
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    Aw hound, you did the right thing and you know you did. I know it hurts a bit but like you said, you and molly will get to see her again and you know where she is and that she will get taken care of and get the attention she needs so very much. Be gentle on yourself. Give yourself time. In the mean time.....hug molly when the aching gets to be too much! :)
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Nichole called to give me an update.

    Betsy made the hour trip to her new home fine. Nichole picked her up a car seat belt device and Betsy has always loved riding in the car. She plopped her right into the tub. It hasn't been too long since I bathed her but with the rain she needed one. And she did great. Right now she is drying in her crate. Aubrey is super excited. (this was a surprise for her) I could hear Oliver squealing at Betsy in the background. lol

    Nichole said she already seems comfortable. Makes sense, I guess, she is in a different place, but still with family.

    That makes me feel better. :)
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    OHHHHHH shame on you for posting a title like that - I almost didn't open it......I finally.>>>>FINALLY worked up the courage to hover over the post and I saw - It's not what you think and ........well You're still on the NO BIZKIT list and in the DOG house as it were -but then you have such a big heart and you did get her a good home - I'll toss ya a bone.....lol.

    NOW about the other dog I have here --------She's a wonderful little barker.......dumb as dirt.......Today the words DUmbalina came out of my mouth and I slapped my hand over my piehole and DF whipped around and said WHAT DID YOU SAY???? I just rolled my eyes and said "I'm sure she didn't hear me." UGH.......DO YOU WANT HER????? You have wayyyyy more patience than I do.......lol. snort....
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    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    LOL Star, I know she is a sweetie, but I'll stick with just Molly and Rowdy unless things don't work out with Nichole. Or were you just looking for an excuse to come to Ohio??:winks:

    Sorry about the title. I couldn't think of one that didn't make it sound like someone had passed on.....evidently what I chose didn't work either. LOL

    Nichole updated me again. (gee do you think she might think I'm sitting here worrying??) So far, it's like it's meant to be. Betsy is having a blast. Gee, I dunno why that would be......she's just with her favorite people. She loves me, I'm "Mom" but she did far more bonding with Nichole and Aubrey than she did with me. (done on purpose since Nichole intended this to be the outcome eventually)
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    Yeah, the title scared me too but I am just grinning. And, if she needs a playmate every now and then, we have a huge yard and are - 20 minutes maybe - away from Nichole!!!
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    Lisa... this is kinda like when the kids grow up and move away... She's still "yours", always will be, but... she's just not living at home any more!

    Sure hope this works long-term!
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    Aww, Betsy needed to be THE family dog! This is perfect for her and like you said, it may be a new environment but she's with her family who adore her. Very special, happy endings! Hugs momma/grams, lol.