Miss KT and the blue Chevy...OMG

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Aug 5, 2010.

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    There's been a blue Chevy pickup parked across the street for about a week...hasn't moved. Miss KT asked me about it, then called PD to see if it had been abandoned. PD drove by, didn't stop, and Miss KT starts going on about this blue pickup, yada yada, and I asked her, "Did you give them the license number?" She says, "Yes, Mother (like I'm a big dummy)." So I asked, "Did you give them the license number of OUR blue Chevy pickup or the other one?"

    She turns and stares at me, like "Wow! Which license number DID I give them?"

    I think I'd better go move our truck. Sigh. 13 more days.
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    OMG! :redface: DDD
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    PD just left. We were awarded a 72 hour "move it or lose it" ticket, since I forgot to put the current sticker on the truck. Sent Miss KT out to put the sticker on. The other blue Chevy got a "move it or lose it" ticket, too. Now I really need to move the truck, so PD doesn't accidentally tow the wrong one.
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    Really, really nice! ROFLMAO
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    I think I am scared for her to go to college. LOL. Too funny.
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    She is going to have some interesting stories about her college days, isn't she? Sometimes you can't win for losing.