Miss KT is 20 today!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Twenty years ago today, I was pitching a fit at the hospital because the nurse told me they did not induce on Saturdays, and I insisted I WAS HAVING THIS BABY TODAY! I was nearly two weeks late, and I'd had enough. More than enough.

    When they finally agreed to induce, Miss KT's heart rate went down, and the nurse came rushing in, pulled the needle from my arm, slapped an oxygen mask on, and told me I was having a C-section. Never went into labor...but threatened to punch the anesthesiologist for telling me that the epidural didn't hurt.

    Useless Boy managed to live up to his name, complaining that he was hungry, tired, bored, etc., but was actually in the delivery room when she was born. He was so good with her when she was a baby...I wonder what happened?

    And in six days, we're taking her to college in a different state. Where did the time go?
  2. Hound dog

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    Goes by in a flash doesn't it?

    I wished her happy birthday on fb.

    I made my doctor induce me with Travis on sunday morning. lmao He wasn't happy but Travis was already at least 2 wks overdue.......so yeah.
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    wow...20 years huh? Time flashes by doesnt it? You just blink.
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    Happy Birthday to Miss KT! I hope she has a wonderful day and safe travels back to school!
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    Wow, what a story. :twister2:
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    :bdayparty: Happy Birthday KT!!
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    Happy Birthday to both of you!
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    Happy Birthday, Miss KT!!!
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    Happy Birthday Ms. KT!!!!
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    Happy Birthday to Duckie's Cosmic Twin! Wow... twenty!
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    Woot! That's awesome! Hope she had a fabulous day :bigsmile:
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    Oh I know that feeling! Happy B'day to Miss KT and you!