Miss KT was home for the weekend AGAIN...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KTMom91, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Miss KT has been home the past two weekends...this time she came down for a friend's funeral; the kid was only 20, living in Kansas, autopsy results are still pending. Very sad. However, the topic of health insurance and medications was brought up again...she is eligible for insurance, because she just aged out of the COBRA plan. I gave her the statement last weekend and suggested she ask her grandmother, from whom all monies flow, if she would be able to help her out. No. She flat out refuses to ask Grandma. OK.

    She spends the afternoon with my mother, and calls me, asking when I'm going to help her pay for her medications. I'm not. I gave you the statement, I gave you the websites for reduced medication prices, I've been telling you for over a year that you would go off this insurance plan when you turned 19. All PO'd...hangs up, comes home, and then...heavy sigh..."Well, then, I guess I'll just go off my medications. I don't want to take them anymore." "Miss KT, I'm not going to tell you what to do. You're over 18. You need to decide. HOWEVER, if you decide to go off the medications, you need to be prepared to accept the responsibility for any consequences."

    After I listed why she was taking the medications - Ritalin to help her focus, and without that, she may not do as well in school, so she will have to make an extra effort to pay attention and get her work completed and turned in on time, and Risperdal to help her control her anger issues, so she doesn't punch holes in walls, break kitchen counters, or assault people - she asked me to show her how to find the prices on the medication website.

    Then she decided to inform me how messy my house was. I told her she had several options...one being to help me clean it. Nope. Not her responsibility. OK, option two is don't come home every weekend if you don't like it, and number three is just shut up about it. And she was stuck to me like glue all weekend, so I got nothing done. I'm just now doing laundry.
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    And she just called to tell me that she has flea bites all over her body, so I really need to spray in her room and flea dip the panther boys. Sigh.
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    Oh, boy! *rollseyes* lol

    Nichole has made several comments to me that the dogs were filthy and stink. Molly has a skin condition that well......does put off an unpleasant odor and yes both dogs really did need bathed.

    Saturday when Nichole came down to get some more of her things to move to the apartment........she helped me bathe both dogs before she left. lol And yes I appreciated it too.

    Sounds like Miss Kt is having issues realizing she's no longer a child. For some it takes a while for them to get the idea that roles have changed.

    Good for you for telling her like it is.