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    You asked a question on a different topic/thread so I wanted to respond a little, Hope you dont mind

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    I have a little dilemma my son is 13 years old and he is in wrestling he has an incident today where he was at wrestling practice and the coach got angry at some other kids so he lost his cool he lost his temper and grab some keys from his pocket and tried to throw met the wall so he said when he threw up when it's struck my son in the head cutting him on the head and put the gas in it what action should I take? I don't know whether or not I want to proceed to an actual complaint for the police or should I just go to the school administration and see what they say? I know sometimes that they protect the reputation for the school or maybe the teacher but I'm really confused on what actions I should take? Please can anybody help me and give me some advice what I should do I don't want to let it go because I don't want no other kids to get hurt but he does have a reputation for anger and yelling at the kids only because he wants to win!

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    I am a little confused on parts, I am assuming that autopredict may have changed some words you typed....

    What I think you said is that the coach got upset, threw keys and it hit your son???

    I had a staff member hurt my son last year. My son has special needs and he was hurt during an attempted restraint. I did complain to admin and my son does not go to that school.

    I did not do a legal report because I didn't think my son could handle it....

    BUT, in this case it does sound like the coach has a temper (which seems common to some coaches) but in the end it seems like an accident. I think I would go by how the coach responded. Is he sorry, did he try to cover it up? Does he have a pattern of doing things like this? Has he hurt other students or your son other times?

    If this is a pattern or if your son is going to be scarred I think it is really important to report this, if nothing else because you may need additional medical coverage.

    If it was me, I would discuss it with his direct supervisor and let them know that you are watching and documenting. He needs to be warned that he must use appropriate behavior because he is a role model and of course someone could have been seriously injured.

    I personally would not go so far as to file a police report, I doubt it was a criminal intention...more an accident due to bad judgement and negligence and I'd like to see him learn to do better. Again, providing this is not a long standing problem or concern or pattern. You need to trust your gut. What does your son want done?