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    Sorry to be MIA for a few weeks. The return to school routine has kicked my butt this year. I have GOT to learn how to use the calendar on my phone because I'm not tracking it all as well as I used to. We have tennis lessons ongoing, speech, extra fun classes, pt conference and play dates. Plus work has been demanding and drama-filled. husband celebrated 2 years sober on Monday and I went with him to his AA meeting. It was so amazing to see him in a room with his peers, being esteemed and valued and sought out for his wisdom and support.

    Good news, husband won his 2nd appeal for unemployment so we're safe a few more months. We've decided to take the rest of his retirement and send him back to school to become an xray tech. He needs a marketable skill to remain in the work force for the duration. It's ok, it just means I will need to work longer but as long as God keeps me healthy, I will keep going. I'm more worried about my cognitive health than anything.

    Another bit of news. I have become good friends with one of the ladies from husband's program and we've been hanging out. Our kids have totally clicked and manster had his first overnight AWAY from home. There are 3 kids (all adopted) and all around his age between 12-almost 14. The oldest one J particular loves manster and has taken him under his wing. Mom said it's rather significant, because he seldom is the one with kids over, it's usually his brother and sister. Manster looks up to J and J loves him and calls for him to come over. They have a small lake/pond nearby and they take their inflatable raft out there and fish, catch frogs, etc. The interesting thing is that J has some Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) issues and doesn't usually take to someone like this. The flip side is they are both TOTAL difficult children. J is a leader and manster is a follower and we can see trouble lurking there lol. But as long as they are heavily supervised hopefully we can avert the worst of it.

    Anyway, I want to try and do better about supporting you all in the coming days. I have missed you all and hope to catch up.


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    {{{ML}}} I was thinking of you last night! I was going to post a "Where's ML?" thread today! How funny.

    You sound a bit overwhelmed but very good - going with it and acknowledging that you have a lot of juggling going helps to get through it, in my opinion. You'll find your moment when it all settels down and get into a groove.

    Congratulations to your H! Mine will celebrate 4 years sobriety from alcohol this holiday season, however, he isn't in a formal program but I remember to encourage him. It's nice that you and your H are able to support one another the way you do, especially that he's okay with you joining him at meetings, wow. Very impressive. Kudos to you - a real testament to your relationship!

    And I'm so happy for Manster - this must really be a nice boost for his self esteem! I hope the new friendships all work out well. It's good that you have a friend who understands you and your life, isn't? Hugs - I've missed your posts.
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    {{{ML}}} Thank you so much for the update. I, too, was planning on starting a "Where's ML?" thread. :)
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    Thank you for letting us know what's going on.
    Congrats on all of your hard work ... and on your H. Wow. That's awesome.
    You certainly have a plateful of everything. Try to take care of yourself.