Missed medications is soooo evident.

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    I did not double check after telling difficult child 2 to take his medications last night, and of course, he never took them. :surprise: I didn't discover this until five minutes ago. I was cooking breakfast for difficult child 2 and could see he was behaving a lot more impulsively, a lot less focused. I asked him how his head was feeling. He said it was like a disorganized file cabinet/buzzing just a little -- versus an exploded file cabinet where his thoughts race. And that's when I glanced at his pill box and saw Friday night's dose still sitting there.

    So he took them just now -- nearly 12 hours late. It will be interesting to see how he does today at his soccer game and at a professional match later this evening with husband and the sibs.

    What I'm not sure about is whether to give him his afternoon pill at all or his evening dose at the regular time. I think I'll call the pharmacist...
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    I would definitely call the pharmacist. How to handle missed doses depends on the medication, whether it is timed-release, etc.

    I did this myself a couple of years ago. I missed the AM dose of Zyprexa, took it mid-day when I realized I'd missed the dose, and then took the usual PM dose on top of that.

    The effects were nasty, to say the least.
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    I am sorry it is so evident, but then again I guess it shows you there is no doubt that he needs them.

    I know when that happens with difficult child or husband it reaffirms that all those blasted medications are necessary.

    Hope things come back to normal soon