Mixed emotions.


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Well first Difficult Child went to court today, we made him find his own way there and back it's in another city. We told him we would not support him getting a lawyer and fighting his charges. It is quit a process. He had to apply for legal aid, he was declined because he is not facing jail time (not saying that will be the same of he decides to fight the charges). So today he went to court to express he was declined legal aid.... This is the stooopid part.....becue he is a minor the courts over the Meagan aid decision and Leese legal aid to provide him with a lawyer. This is such a collosal waste of time and money.

He is going to wind up with some public defender who doesn't give a rats ass about him or his charges. Will probably tell him as the duty counsel and we have to take the plea bargain and do your probation. He does not seem to get that the Crown will remove the deal and he could be charges with 2 counts of possession, trafficking, breach of bail and auto theft! Why oh why must he learn the hard way!!

Second something is very different. I now see glimmers of my old boy back. The soft hearted loving boy. But I am paralyzed and anxious just waiting for the next slide down the slippery slope. I try not to be negative and enjoy each day as they come. He Even said he and His girlfriend would like to have dinner with us. Umm it's been about 2 years since he wanted to associate with us for any reason at all.

I like his sober eyes and clean mind. For today I am grateful for a good day.


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How long is he been your sweet boy? He isnt different now. Guessing he wants you to pay for a lawyer. Hate to say it..they all do that.

In order for him to truly change, he needs to know he is accountable for how he treats others and if he breaks the law. These kids do not feel motivated to change if, deep inside, they know they will be rescued. Usually as soon as their desire is granted they go right back to the person they have become.

Just my thoughts...I am glad you had a few good days.


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Oh...you should be.

It was close to two years before we truly believed daughter would forever stop the cocaine and meth.

She has! Your son can quit too, but it will take a few years to know for sure.


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Hi Little:

Enjoy the times that he is sober and hope they stick. I really do hope for you that good things are in your future with your son. They are very manipulative.

This a long and lonely road for us. We miss our son.

Keep us posted.