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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, May 28, 2010.

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    Good news first. I have the next 5 days off~ Yesterday felt like the day before summer vacation. Today my girlfriend and I will attend the community coffee at the school and then hit up some garage sales. Can you believe it has hit the 90s in Colorado? I do love the summer.

    Now for the not so good news. husband was denied his unemployment and then tried to appeal. I kept telling him every day to take care of it. That I wasn't going to do this (paperwork) for him, it caused me way too much stress even thinking about it. Well he/we thought he got it in timely but he didn't figure in the time for the mail system and got a letter saying his appeal was denied. So he will try to appeal his appeal but frankly I don't think procrastination is a good reason. He has acknolwedged that procrastination is one of his character flaws. I feel like maybe I should have taken care of this but I'm tired of taking care of everything. Unfortunately this natural consequence affects me greatly. So he has HAS to find a job. He is taking his retirment money from this place so we will be okay for maybe 6 months. He can always take the bulk of his other retirement money and that would buy us a few years but say goodbye to retirement. Actually that means say goodbye to me retiring cuz I'll now have to work forever. Luckily I have a job that (for today) I like. But I'm getting older fast and I worry about my cognitive abilities. I already forget so much. Gingko right?

    Did I mentioned I have five days off?


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    Keep your head and body focused on the good stuff!! I too have off till next Wed. Yippee!!!

    Listen, about working forever - welcome to the club is all I have to say! Once I resigned myself to the fact that I will likely have to work TILL.I.DIE it was okay and that's when I really got serious about going back to school. I figured if my current employer is willing to pay, I may as well get myself ready for my next career. And so it is...I think most of us will be working well into 70's. My H has no returement plan set up and mine is laughable, though it does exist. Social Security, if things continue the way they are, will run out in about 14 years much for that plan. I hope my kids love me enough to let me sleep in their basement! Hahaha.

    Enjoy your time off and I hope that something opens up for H - stay hopeful!
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    Enjoy your days off!!!

    While husband does have unemployment, we are still in the same place regarding retirement. I am still fighting for disability and husband is the only one able to work. We have tried and struggled and scrimped for YEARS and still we are not in a good place.

    I am glad you each mentioned the retirement. NOT that I wish for you to be unable to retire, but because it makes me feel less alone.

    Hugs to each of you. ML, I am so very sorry your husband was denied unemployment and didn't appeal it in time. I hope the new appeal will help.
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    ML, sorry you have a procrastinator for a husband - I will soon, too! We can still love them even with their flaws! LOL!

    I would suggest he NOT take his retirement out and live stressfully for the next however long it takes to find the job. It is better to live stressfully now to ensure some retirement money for later. Eat soup everyday if you have to. Just my opinion & advice.
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    I can't think of anyone that deserves FIVE WHOLE days off from EVERYTHING more than you!!!!!

    ENJOY DANNY, ENJOY YOUR TIME........and let the rest of the world & problems go - THEY WILL be there when you get back.

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    Enjoy your five days, and try not to worry about the unemployment situation.