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    How are you and Manster doing this morning? Are your holidays going smoothly??
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    You made my day putting my name in a thread! Thank you for my Christmas present :)

    Last night we celebrated with my mom and her new family of stepkids and stepgrands. There were about 30 of us. Manster did ok despite the heightend stimulation. His dad was there too. Then I came home from that celebration and had one for my stepsons who came over and will also come over today. husband will grill Omaha steaks.

    Merged families require lots of flexibility.

    This has been a very difficult year in many ways yet I sit here while manster is at his dad's for a few hours and force myself to reflect upon the blessings. My friends here, my husband's 3 months of sobriety and the fact that I have hope for the future.

    The short answer is I'm doing great :)

    I appreciate you and hope your day is going ok too.


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    That's sounds pretty nice! I grew up in a blended family- it did take work, but it was worth it. Things are touch and go here- it might be the increased depakote so I'm going to lower back to where it was and see if that improves things.

    Our weather is really nice- I wish I'd gotten steaks or something for the grill! But, we will do that next week for New Years.

    Enjoy your afternoon and dinner!!
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    I hope that lowering the depakote makes a huge difference and that by the end of the day you see increasing signs of stability. Thinking of you xoxo ML