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    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo relieved!!

    Molly is old, but basically healthy. She has some issues but none serious enough to even remotely consider putting her down at this time. ( YAY!!)

    Vet said that Molly is not showing any real signs of pain. Just discomfort from a rather nasty nasty ear infection which is secondary to her allergies. So she has a steroid for me to give her plus an antibiotic, plus ear drops and a good ear wash for her ears. She has a tumor on her eyelid, but it's not large enough to require removal right now....and she told me what to watch for so I know when it will need to be removed. Molly does have a lot of tumors (some in places I didn't even know they were there) but all are "fatty" tumors which are benign and nothing to worry about. (YAY!) Molly has indeed lost about 8 lbs, but since she was grossly overweight to begin's being watched.

    The cough/breathing issues could be chronic bronchitis which comes with age OR combined with the weight loss.....heartworms. So we got a blood drawl on her and I'll know Sat morning. Vet said Molly should do just fine with treatment, and if I think it's too expensive she can put her on a preventative that would stop the other animals from getting them and stop her from having new ones. But as long as my taxes come back by then I think I'll be able to manage if that is what it is. (now if she does have them it ups the chances of Rowdy also having them as he has the same cough........and that might change things as I don't think I can afford to have them both treated)

    Vet checked her teeth. Said they were fine. Normal for a dog with chronic allergies as they tend to wear them down from all the chewing at themselves they do. No abscesses or anything and pulling isn't necessary. (YAY) They shouldn't even be hurting her.

    Her glands were absolutely packed full. So I paid an extra 10 bucks to have them drained. They were soooooo full it took forever to do, which Molly was NOT thrilled with, but she has got to feel better now.

    Vet says Molly is otherwise very healthy. So we go back in 2 wks to make sure the ear medications have worked. And I know sat about the heartworm. Her next appointment will be with Maggie when she goes in for her next set of shots. (just easier)

    Nichole actually sobbed with relief. She felt so bad she couldn't come along today in case we had to put her down. I couldn't possibly be more happy my Molly girl will be with us for a while yet. And no more constant worry she is in pain and I'm neglecting her.

    :) :) :) :)
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    AND... Maggie gets to have a great role model for a good while yet!
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    :bravo: I'm so glad that Molly is ok. Your vet sounds wonderful!
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    Very good news indeed for the day! :)
  5. Hound dog

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    This vet is awesome. They don't try to milk you for extra treatment like many vets do. Their office visits are cheap, I mean really cheap. Their medications/treatments are way less than I've priced elsewhere. And they really care for the animals. They're practical people who can understand that not everyone can afford extensive expensive treatment. They're not in it for the big bucks, they're doing what they do because it's what they love, it's their passion. I paid only 110.00 for today's visit, and I know elsewhere I'd have paid at least double that for what all they did. Heck we have one vet in town where I'd pay 50.00 for the office visit alone. He's good, but with prices like that I dunno how on earth he has patients.

    Molly has already perked up a bit. I think her glands being so full were really bothering her. I used to take her to a groomer to have them drained, but the groomer costs more than the vet........and the last 2 times I took her I know they lied and said they did it but didn't. So no more groomer for her. I'll use the vet. Cheaper and I KNOW it gets done.

    I swear I'm so happy I could dance down the street tonight. LOL
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    I'm so happy for you!
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    What wonderful news! I'm so happy for you and Molly.

  9. DammitJanet

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    Im so thrilled for you and molly. I know what you mean about vets though. Most of them want YOUR arms and legs to even look a dog. I mean seriously over a thousand dollars to take an xray, hang a bag of fluids with antibiotics in them, keep the dog in the vet for a week and then tell me that the dog had a bullet in her spine and was completely paralyzed.

    Im hoping this new place I found in the north end of town is better but they were under construction when I went there to get the flea medications. Personally I dont see the need to build a better waiting room. Kennel area and stuff like maybe.
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  11. Hound dog

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    Well, my vet's office is anything BUT fancy smancy. One it's located in the back of a 150 yr old home (add on) and two I don't think they've had a new much of anything in there in 30 yrs....except some vital equipment. Waiting room isn't much larger than a large walk in closet. And they have one exam room. Shoot, their "parking lot" will only hold 3 cars. LOL They just schedule appointments accordingly and it works out fine. I avoid the more modern versions simply because I can't afford them. If either of my vets (they're a married couple) retire, I'll have major issues concerning animal medical care.
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    That sounds so much like our vet, Lisa! You're lucky to have them to look after your pets. Our vet has his main office and hospital in a bigger town 20 miles away and has a little satellite office here that's open three mornings a week. Their rates aren't "cheap", none of them are, but they probably charge half of what a vet in a big city would charge. Unemployment has been so high here people just don't have the money. I've gone to them for so long too and they're friends now as well as our vet. They've taken care of my little guys for 20 years and they know I'm not exactly rolling in money and give me breaks when ever they can. When Katy went in for the surgery to remove her skin lumps, they cut her toenails and cleaned her teeth while she was out and never charged me for it! And when Ragan was so sick for so long a few years ago, he didn't even charge me for most of the tests he did on her trying to figure out what was wrong with her. And he's always handing me bottles of stuff to try on her skin problems. I am so grateful to have them there when we need them. A good vet can be worth their weight in gold!
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    I doubt I will ever have a vet truly. I will go get these spayed and ask for them to test them for heartworms and ask for the script to get the heartworm medicine from them so I can keep coming to them to get it every month. I wish I could get a script to send it to petmeds but you need an actual script to do that and I doubt they would give me one every 6 or 12 months without seeing them and that would require probably at least a 120 vet bill.
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    Sounds like you have a great vet! Glad she's feeling better and you have the peace of mind that she's not in pain.

    I thought the gland thing only happened to smaller dogs. First I had every heard of it was with our Yorkie and was so grossed out the first time the vet did it. She did it a lot when she was young and then didn't seem to need it as she got older. We have a 25 lb mix and the vet has never even brought it up, so I was hoping we never had to do it with her. I can't imagine what it must have been like to drain a shep mix. The smell must have been awful!!! LOL.
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    Wonderful news!

    Full glands can really make a number for the dog. I have also once been very worried for one of my dogs, because he started to show all the signs of having pain in his torso. Looked at his sides, bite his back legs etc. and was very depressed. He had never had gland problems before and there had been no need to empty them because everything was working like it is supposed to so it didn't even come to my mind, even if it should had had (he was getting old and many do develop slight gland problems on older age.)

    Hopefully Molly we will be back to her old self soon now that glands are taken care of and she had drugs for the ears!
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    Oh Lisa!! I am so THRILLED!!!! YAY!!!!!! What wonderful news for you!! Give Molly a hug for me.
  17. Liahona

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    She'll probably perk up after the pain from her ears is gone! That is great news.
  18. DammitJanet

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    I have never heard about anything to do with anal glands I can only think about what the look on Tonys face would be if I told him he needed to go out and clean out Buddy's anal glands! Do they have a how to on line?
  19. donna723

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    None of mine have ever had a problem with anal glands (thank God!) but they can be quite a problem. If the glands get too full, they can become infected. And if the infection is not treated, the glands can rupture right through their skin and it's horribly painful for the dog and a medical emergency. Usually, unless you've been trained to express the anal glands properly, it's best to let a vet or professional groomer do it. And it's supposed to be really awful and reeks to high heaven - something you'd want somebody else to do! Some dogs never have a problem with it and others need the glands expressed regularly to prevent problems. A little too much information but the best way to prevent it is to keep them on a food that give them good, firm poops.
  20. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Some breeds/breed combos never have an issue with it. Hounds are prone to problems in this area considerably........I know that from having beagles and bassets. Mollys was never an issue until she became over weight and couldn't get back there to "clean" them herself. (ew)

    Poor Travis has some nasty scratches from Molly's dew claws because she reared up big time when the vet really had to get in there because they were soooo full. I can't say I blame her. I've never watched it done before, and I certainly will say I'd rather not have it done on me. As per the smell........I guess I've had too many hounds. The smell is generally what alerts me that it needs to be done and I"m used to it. The vet looked at us funny when we didn't do so much as flinch at it. LOL I'll have her back in there soon as she shows the slightest sign they're filling up again. That way it'll be quick and easier on her. (and Travis cuz he holds her, he's stronger)

    I don't take dogs to see a vet unless it is a must do thing. Most of the time I do shots myself, worming myself, and I will go pick up their flea medications though because it's LOTS cheaper there. Last time the vet had seen Molly was 2009! That was the last time her allergies got the better of her. Usually benedryl keeps it under control.

    Molly is a MUCH happier and more relaxed girl today. She has even let Maggie come over to her several times. Not in the mood to play yet......but doing good.

    Putting in the ear medications is a trick and a half. (this is my dog I can do anything to too) Molly doesn't mind the ear wash stuff, but she does NOT appreciate having antibiotic goop put into her ears. I have a hard time getting her to hold her head still for the antibiotic one. Pills are a non issue. She takes them fine cuz she always gets a chaser of cheese.