Mom made it to Portland just in time

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    My mom left CA this weekend to accompany a friend in her ginormous motor home on a road trip to Portland, OR for a dog show. Apparently this vehicle is the size of a bus. The things some people will do for their hobbies! She said it was a bit of a white-knuckle ride going over the pass into Oregon on Sunday. They hit whiteout conditions and saw many cars that had run off the road and a tanker truck that had overturned as it exited the highway off-ramp, and highway patrol was out trying to help motorists. Fortunately, her friend is a very cautious driver, but she has no experience driving this huge rig in these kinds of conditions!

    Mom called yesterday to say they'd made it to Portland safely and she was out walking her dog before turning in for the night, and the dog had on a lovely coat of white (snow) :) I'm glad they missed this next big storm which is expected to dump a lot more snow on the area. They're not scheduled to come back until next Sunday, so hopefully much will have melted by then... otherwise they may be lingering a while longer!
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    There's quite a wind blowing here now. The snow has all melted in town. She definitely needs to be careful in the passes because they are going to get dumped on. If push comes to shove, she can lay low at our house until travel is a bit safer.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That's very kind of you, Witz. I'm hoping the worst of everything is done by Sunday. She said if not, they'll just wait it out. The motor home has all the conveniences, plus they've got several dogs with them (her friend's Great Danes and her own little Welsh terrier). She doesn't have to be anywhere -- though her friend does have to go to work the next Monday. But sometimes you just have to take whatever nature doles out!
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    Sounds like an adventure. Glad that she made it safe. I just don't love the snow, though and I worry about the roads too. Now hopefully it will get better and not worse!!!! Spring is on the way. I keep telling myself that everyday.