Mom of killer at Columbine gives interview


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Insane your son didn't do anything violent did he?
No. He took no actions. WE were afraid he would do something extreme, due to his behaviors and interests. We knew he was extremely frustrated.

Unlike many parents, we at least had red flags, and could on some level react to those. Not that the medical, school or judicial systems did much to help - and in fact, generally, did a lot to make things worse.

The only reason we had red flags was due to developmental challenges, which made it harder for him to hide everything. I can't imagine trying to deal with a neurotypical kid with mental health challenges and a life of major roadblocks - the level of frustration, combined with the level of sophistication, would make it very hard to know what was going on.


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I am going to have to read her book even though I am a bit afraid too.... I remember when Columbine happened feeling so bad for the parents. My son was only 2 or 3 but was already a handful. Since then with so many things having happened and all the trouble he was in at school etc... I have often thought it could be worse, he hasn't done anything really horrific like Columbine or joined Isis.



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I guess the bottom line for me is my son is in some ways a stranger to me so I honestly don't know what he is capable of. He has never been violent but based on what this mom says, neither was her son.

He has done SO many things that I never thought he'd do and I'm so afraid FOR him of what he may do when he's high that could ruin his life. Sometimes I feel impending doom in my chest for him. It's just this really bad feeling. That is why her story is scary for me.


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And just this week, two teen boys at our local high school were arrested for conspiracy to commit capital murder... And one boy had several pictures of the Colombine killers as his FB photo... To make matters even worse, this is the second time in less than a year for teens to be charged for a similar. And one of the boys is the younger brother of a teen charged last year. Also, we live two houses down from one of the boys charged last year...

Extra police have been at the school this week...but only about half the students went to school yesterday... Parents kept them home. KSM