Mom saw warning signs

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Apr 11, 2008.

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    Very brave, and courageous. We need more people like them in this world. So glad you posted this.
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    Yes, I agree, they are very brave to share their story and hopefully it will help someone else and bring awareness.
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    I think this highlights not only the need for parents to do their very best to stay on top of things and intervene, but I think it's a cautionary tale about the real catch-22 that happens once our kids hit 18. Sounds like Mom still thinks he has the potential to be dangerous, but there's absolutely nothing she can do about it.
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    "People thought he was just the greatest kid in the world. Very polite, well-mannered, caring," Elaine Sonnen remembered. "At home, he could be anywhere from just a really helpful kid to a monster. A terrifying monster."
    that phrase hits home for me, sniff................
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    A very brave set of parents. It is so HARD to have a child this ill, and so very very scary. It is a real tragedy that after age 18 the family can do nothing to force appropriate care on someone so ill.

    The mom is very right that the son still has the potential to hurt anyone. Someway, somehow, there has to be a strategy for situations like this to keep the mentally ill person on medications and in treatment. I wish I knew the solution. Maybe we should have time-release medications that can be implanted like the old norplant, or like the insulin pumps or pain medication pumps. A more long term strategy.

    Adding Mr and Mrs Sonnen to the prayer list.

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    I saw that - and I thought the BRAVE part was STATING that she KEEPS AN ALARM ON HIS DOOR when he visits -

    OMG - SO DO WE.......

    AND that she asked for the names of the "hit" list - BRAVO MOM - I swear I would love to write her and just say THANKS for being so BRAVE.
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    Wow, what strength. Do you think she wonders every day if this is the day he will come and harm her? I can't imagine.....

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    WOW. What a very very brave woman. I really wish schools did more about bullying...these kids need help and support....