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    My mother passed away Sunday afternoon in my home. We had expected her to pass but not this soon - of course anytime is too soon. She is no longer suffering and is at peace.

    I know I posted about my son being arrested but unsure if I re-posted to tell that we hired an attorney. Now I have decided to home school him until we get some medication to take care of his anger control issues. I don't even know where to start but start I must and soon. I don't want him to get behind.

    I enrolled him in Florida Virtual but they said it could take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks for him to be placed in classes. It is all on-line. I do want to put him back in High School but right now he can't afford to get into any more trouble. I was planning on letting him home school for 3 months at the most. Then he would miss FCAT (which in my opinion is a joke anyway) so I don't know what that will do.

    I guess some things are a blessing in disguise. I have to call his guidance counselor today and talk to her about my plans for my son and see if they can help him stay on track until he starts the FL Virtual classes. So even though my sisters and I have so much to take care of this week with arrangements and such for mom the things that I have to do for my son are some what of a distraction for me. Neither my mom passing or my sons troubles are in anyway a good thing but at least his stuff is keeping me busy!

    If anyone has any suggestions/advice on homeschooling or the virtual on-line classes feel free to let me know. Need all the help I can get.

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    Just wanted to send my condolences to you and your family.....

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    Laura, so sorry about your mom. Wow, she passed away at home and now you're home schooling. You DO take on a lot! You have a big heart. And clearly, you're very capable.
    I don't know diddly squat about home schooling but others here will hop on board.
    Take care.

    by the way, is your difficult child on any medications? Adderal helped my son with-the anger issues, because he was able to think more clearly. Just a thought.
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    I can't help much in any formal way with the US system, but you should be able to fill in his time with some solid WORK before the curriculum stuff is finalised.

    What worked for us - "school work during school hours" is our Rule No 1. And "school work" is what I define it to be.

    We have a website called Mathletics. It is available worldwide, it costs A$99 a year (for access 24/7) to join and should be up and working within days (or less) of registration. There should be other similar stuff in the US, but this is cheaper (by miles) and as far as I can see, just as effective in practical terms, as the ones charging thousands.

    When difficult child 3 spent so much time home sick from school, I got work sent home from school and when he had done all that, I found stuff for him, mostly computer software. I bought a high school maths revision CD ROM, it was about A$40 (our software is relatively expensive, to us) but it has been marvellous.
    I set him some tasks - a photo assignment.
    A practical maths etc project, such as going shopping and finding the most economical baked beans or tuna or whatever, from the selection available. He can use a calculator if his mental arithmetic still needs work.
    A science experiment - determine the various inks combined in water-based felt pens by putting well-inked dots on blotting paper then letting the blotting paper stand vertically in a dish of water, and slowly wick up. The individual inks will separate out as they rise, because they are different molecular weights.
    Or you can macerate some leaves in alcohol, then strain it. Dip blotting paper in the strained liquid and let it stand vertically to wick up. Using evergreen leaves, you should see two different types of chlorophyll separate out (although one is very pale yellow, hard to see). Then do the experiment again, with autumn leaves. I can't remember what happens - it will truly be an adventure to find out.
    Or do a study of plants and what makes seeds germinate. Make him write up procedure, method and then results.
    Do a photo journal/diary of a special day, such as an excursion to a museum or the zoo.
    Give him an assignment on global warming. Whatever his view - make him defend it.
    Give him a cooking lesson - let HIM choose what he wants to cook, then let him cook it. Remind him that some of the world's most famous chefs are male, and when he's looking for a girlfriend he will value being able to impress her with a really top notch chocolate cake or other specialty. And to extend the cooking assignment - get him to budget for it, shop for it and even modify the recipe if he wants to (to change a cake recipe to a chocolate cake recipe, you can substitute up to half the plain flour with cocoa - I tend to not substitute more than a third, it's way more than enough).
    Whatever you do, document it. It can be used as extra credit by whatever online curriculum he joins.
    Teach him to touch-type. Use a computer program.

    You could also post this over in Special Education, they know more of the practical stuff there.

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    Laura: I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom passing. As you said, I'm sure she's at peace now. I'll keep your family in my prayers and hope that things "even out" with difficult child.

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    Condolances on the passing of your mom :angel: Sounds like she was with the ones who loved her when her suffering ended.

    You are right that the issues with difficult child will keep your mind occupied. Getting on with life as usual is a distraction.

    Take some time to remember mom and let your guard down.

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    {{{Laura}}} Sending along some warm gentle hugs of condolences for the loss of your mom. I'm so sorry there is so much on your plate all at the same time.

    I really enjoyed reading all the things Marg had to offer up in regards to home schooling your ds. I also agree that the education board will have more to offer. Best of luck in that regard.

    Please be sure to take a moment to care for yourself.
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    Sending my thoughts & prayers....sorry for your loss. I wish I could offer some advice for home schooling & can't...the others around here offer plenty though. {{{{hugs}}}}
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    Sending my thoughts along for your family. I homeschooled for a year and a half and we used a program from the christian book store. I liked it and it had everything you needed with it. There was the ability to test and adjust everything. Then of course I added real world projects also. We are redoing our house so I added different things with that in it. How to turn on and off power and water. How to call to get dumpster (and the money it will cost at different locations). husband taught both difficult child 2 and easy child "shop safety". It is amazing to have a curriculum but then to apply those things to life. We did the seed germanation things also.