Mom, that was the best dinner ever!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Well I don't know about that but it sure was easy. This morning I threw a package of frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot. I added a can of cream of celery and cream of chicken, about a third of a bottle of Italian dressing and a chunk of reduced fat cream cheese. Then when I came home added some sour cream and cooked some noodles. The chicken fell apart and was very moist. We had it with a salad. It was delicious! I don't hear that enough about my cooking lol.
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    Sounds good, but more than that...easy!
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    Glad you had a good night with the manster!
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    Sounds great. I love crockpot cooking in the summer! It is always nice to hear them compliment us, isn't it?
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    Sounds wonderful to me!
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    Have you considered writing down recipes that Manster really likes and putting them into one of those photo albums with the sleeves that pictures just slide into? I have these started for my kids. Recipes that they find and like, that we create on our own, or that are in one of my many cookbooks are written down and slipped into the albums. When they are on their own they have the recipes that they grew up with. It is esp helpful when we are just tossing what we can find into a pan to use up stuff or because we are bored. When those combos work out the kids are always afraid that we won't be able to make them again.

    It has turned into a fun little project for us. It only takes a few minutes to write down the recipes and sometimes the kids write them. Even now they like using them when they want to cook.

    Not sure why I thought of that now, except that your recipe sounds really good and I want to write it down to try!