mom to 5 boys....needs help with #4

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    hello, i am a mom to 5 sons. they are all great kids with little to no problems except #4. he has ALWAYS been high maitenance. he never wanted to be put down as a baby. he has always been very whiny and cranky. we just thought it was the terrible 2's then the trying 3's. he is now 4 and a half and just really out of control. he screams, hits, fights, scratches, yells, curses, throws....u name it he does it! its a daily event all day every day. we have had to cut his nails all the way down so he can't scratch people. he throws the worst temper tantrums. throws toys at the other kids. we are at our wits end here! i love my son but sometimes i don't like him at all! i hate to say that, but he trys my patience like no other. our youngest is 22 months and he is starting to act like #4. i know its because that is what he sees. but i can't handle 2 of them! we have been talking about taking #4 to a therapist. what should we do? he goes to preschool and does well in class. never gets in trouble there but as soon as he gets home.....its like he saves it all up for us. we try to take his attention of things, color with him etc. but he is just so out of cotrol when he gets angry. he does have some mild speech delay but not enough that he qualified for therapy. no hx of drug/alcohol abuse with us and no psychiatric issues. time out doesn't work well with him and i feel like all i do is yell at him or spank him but that only reinforces him hitting others.....please help!
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    Yes, I definitely think you need to seek a behavioral therapist out for him. You will probably need to handle him differently than the other 4 which will be very hard. Have you read 1,2,3 Magic? It is sometimes helpful at this age.