Mom ---We Killed The Puppy-sitter. *Mstang was right....O.M.G.

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    Star* call 911

    I met a woman in the thrift store about a year ago. She was digging in a bin with tears in her eyes - I see this and ask "Rough day?" she proceeds to tell me her guinea pig is dying and she's trying to find a blanket to bury him in. I felt a twinge of remorse and pity for her - I had recently lost and buried my last rat Albert and of course they all had their own baby blankets. I put my things down and began to help her find the perfect 'pig' blanket and a friendship of sorts was born.

    She's a neat gal. We have dogs in common and don't discuss much more than animals, and each other's days and the store when we do meet by happenstance. It's nice having a friend that you don't do history with. She recently asked me what I did for a living. I asked her as well - she's an attorney. She asked me last week if I would puppy sit for her while she's at the beach. Of course.

    I go to her georgeous home, and meet her 7 Pomeranians, 1 Chow, 1 cat, 2 birds, and ......the baby English Bull Mastiff who is 8 weeks old and just the coolest ever. Teething, using the Pomeranians tails for dental floss. So I'm not sure what they had in mind when they asked me to come in, feed, clean up, water - but I spend 2-3 hours there with these kids, brought a radio and play classical music for them and leave their house spotless, give pets, love, snacks. Make ice blocks - I'm a dedicated furkid sitter. I have a doggie -loggie, I'm making the dogs write their Mom about my care every day from their point of view and telling her what I've done each day. It's pretty good. I'm going to take pictures too. (Mstangs idea)

    So today I get there and the garage door is open....I think - Maybe they're home??? Front door locked....back door unlocked, but shut. Mastiff missing, 1 pom missing. OMG - I AM SICK. I yell HELLO?? No note, no sign of life. I call the lady - no answer. OMG. I call the other dog sitter - she's a police officer...comes in the evening. No answer. Well then one of the pups got out and it was a foot race ----pomeranians are freakin' fast. I not. 1/2 a mile later? I caught him. We got back to the house and I still can't find one. No Mastiff baby. NO note fell on floor, on my phone, email, text...nothing. So I called 911. After I was told to "CALM DOWN" The police show up and I'm so upset I can't even talk to that officer either. I needed someone to slap me. She said DEEP BREATHS....I do....explain....and wait - 5 minutes and they're there. I'm a mess...I'm in, I'm out - I'm in , I'm out. They're at the end of the road? I'm on the porch hopping up and down waiving like Forrest Gump on the Jenny at Lieutenant Dan. (it was just nearly that intense).

    They get there and I've walked all over everything and touched the door knobs....and I'm crying thinking about who would have that baby and what they would do to her. I'm heart hurts....I'm trying to figure out if the chest pains get anyworse if I'll need an ambulance. I can't find my Klonopin emergency pill in my purse to bite a piece off of.....(thinking if I take a hole one I'm going to jail for being stoned) and the officer is asking me stuff and I can't even figure out how to dial out on my phone or text.....nothing is making sense. NOTHING. Amazingly enough I stooped down and every pom came over and just stood there when I was crying and I got kisses and hugs....and the one that has been so standoffish? Laid at my feet and would not leave me be.

    Finally the officer came in and they were getting ready to write up a report, and I'm still crying and trying very hard to get my mess together and the officer asked if he could see the bottom of my shoe. In my mind Im thinking OMG he thinks I took the puppy???? But it was my foot print on the pad running out the door when the pom got out. I had taken pictures of ALL of them JUST INCASE....1.) because if someone got out? I'd have a picture to show an 2.) because they are all just so cute....and was going to do something special for their Mom. The cop couldn't belive it when I got out my phone and said HERE is the mastiff - Here - take my phone - get her picture out - FIND HER PLEASE.

    UGH. Just then the homeowner calls and said "MY HUSBAND CAME HOME AND TOOK THE MASTIFF." and after that I swear to you she could have said - AND YOU WON THE LOTTERY (BLAH BLOAH BLAH) ----I couldn't tell you what she said for nuttin. I heard PUPPY WITH HER DADDY and broke down crying.

    Okay - SHE IS SAFE. Good. .....Then I got angry -----I kept my mouth shut but the woman said HE LEFT THE GARAGE DOOR OPEN??? HE DIDN"T LEAVE YOU A NOTE???? HE LEFT THE GATE ON THE FLOOR??? HE LEFT THE HOUSE UNLOCKED? I kept thinking - Um....HELLO - THE PUPPY IS SAFE. FOR>>>>>>>GET the house. PUPPY SAFE. Babysitter going to the pharmacy for a nitro me. Nearly on the floor thinking 911 is going to have to come to get me for a stroke.

    It took THREE HOURS for my heart to stop feeling like some kind of twisted wash cloth - and that was WITH a 1/2 Klonopin.

    Her hubby called me and apologized over and over - to which I said "The puppy is all ALL I care about." Nothing else mattered to me. I counted noses on the roll call I have, I checked pictures I took to make sure everyone was there - I picked up, mopped, washed bedding, washed bowls, gave ice, put fresh pads down for potty.....dumped the trash, turned on a radio I brought them for classical music....left lights on - put down some rugs for sleeping....washed their toys.....gave cookie, love hugs.....shut the garage door, locked up and left.

    The man said "she's menopausal" so I said - "Yeah well you'll get no sympathy from me.....I'm older than she is...." he said "Well she tends to over react to things." and I said "Well you guys do things that make absolutely no sense to us, so when we respond to you it seems like overreacting and to us it seems like we've had to explain it to a 3rd grader. It's tough to find middle ground with an alien species sometimes." I told him to show up with a bottle of wine, some flowers...and tell her WE are is fine......neighbors NOT home.....Cops are called.....COPASETIC is restored.....and the BABYSITTER is not dead......YET. OMG......I so want to find Raoul provided he has NO pets.

    If these people had ANY idea HOW much I LOVE.....not just like - LOVE their furkids.....I mean I wanted an AMBER FUR alert BOLO out on the highway .....NOW. I just kept thinking of her in someones tiny bathroom being miserable for her whole life. :)sick:)

    Okay going to nap now....crisis averted.....No moster behind the door - (you know in the horror movie when you know there's a monster and the girl opens it anyway and gets killed and you're like WHY did she do that? Why didn't she call the cops?? So this time - I just called the cops. No regrets....

    =====Can cross this off my list of businesses I'd like to start.
    Todays note included - Dear Mommie - Is Nitro-glycerine patches for fleas? The lady said she needed some. :sick: UGH.

    Oh and the little poodle that wandered into our yard on Monday -
    *Don Cornelius - Souuuuuuuuuullllll Train (sounded like his howl) he got a lovely home with a very beautiful blonde woman, and her super nice biker husband, and will be groomed to the nines today, have his teeth cleaned, get a bow, bracelets, nails clipped, shots, flea treatment, heartworm test and preventative.....and spoiled then put up for adoption. however....being a white poodle she said it was a little up in the air as to whether they would keep his name "Cornelius". (bummer) -once she hears him belt out Souuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllll she'll keep it. lol.
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    Oh Star! Only you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm very sorry your heart was beating wildly and I can picture your panic. I'm so glad all ended well ....

    I think Mrs.Lawyer's hubby owes the puppy-sitter a gift certificate of thanks to a spa for a massage or something .... relaxing ya know?

    I bet the mastiff pup is adorable!
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    Ditto to that!

    I'm sorry you had to go thru the panic- it sure would have been nice to let you know before you got there and "found" a missing pup.
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    Sounds like lawyer lady was angry at hubby for his carelessness on multiple fronts. Yes, worried for her furkids, but she also knows that security will push HIS buttons. So if he left garage door open (which could also allow dogs to get loose) no wonder she was angry. And also wanted evidence on what he did wrong, as leverage to chew him a new one. To hr credit, she was also furious with him for not leaving a note for you. Why the H did he have to take the mastiff puppy anyway? If they chose to go on holiday without any of the dogs, and they know the dogs are being lovingly looked after, why did he suddenly have to go back and get just ONE of their pets? OK, it's his house and his pets, but he sounds like an irresponsible, impulsive flake to me.

  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Took 1/2 a klonopin and went to bed for 3 was a very nice nap. Me and the Pootie got much needed rest.
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    Those people are SOOOO BLESSED to have you for a furkid sitter and they did WHAT?????? to YOU??????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! That man DESERVES to have a couple of new ones chewed for him!!! NO WAY was it called for to take one of the animals with-o leaving a note.

    Men are aliens. Not the smart ones that come with all the cool technology. One of the dumb ones that can't figure out which end takes food in and which end pushes waste out.

    I am glad the baby was OK and that you are now OK. You did EXACTLY the right thing by calling the police. EXACTLY!!

    I wish there was a "Fuzzy Amber Alert" for our furkids.

    I really hope they do something very very nice for you as a thank you for the loving care and attention their pets and their home are getting from you. Maybe a certificate for a full day of spa treatments, including a two hour massage, haircut, color (if you want it), facial, mani, pedi, and all new makeup, skincare, haircare, etc... for you AND Ms. Pootie.

    Or they could just send you, df and your furkids on a vacation.

    I hope her husband never pulls a stunt like that again. Wanna bet her married life has been spent closing doors, putting caps on containers and picking up stuff he dropped all over the house?
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    Men ARE such aliens. I hope they do something nice for you! I walk around locking doors, turning off lights, flushing toilets (gross), and if I happen to go to bed first- well all my doors are unlocked, every light is blaring, and has been all night. Not to mention I do every chore in the world.

    Men!!!!!!! I swear they owe you an entire vacation.
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    What an amazing heart you have!! Sorry it was stressed so much over this.

    I wish you were on this coast. You are the kind of sitter I could trust to take care of my furbabies....Furgeriatric actually. The kind of sitter I would like to find. I have to leave husband with my furbabies for 7 days while I go visit my grandmother. I don't leave until Labor Day and I've already started to give him a list of "must-do's" for them.

    husband and I are heading out for few days to be by ourselves. easy child will be taking care of the furbabies, but I don't worry with him. The first thing he did when he got home this summer was to move his bed into the family room to be with his doggies!
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    O M G !!!!!

    I'm glad you got a nap, anyway.

    Will you pet-sit for my dogs and cats? We're way easier.
  10. ML

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    Nothing to add except these folks truly are lucky to have you taking care of their babies. You are one of a kind and I adore you.
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    I STILL think this is something you should look into. I'm glad the sweetie is ok though....and the pup too! The guy needs slapped.

    Oh....and evil sister fell in love with the poodle pics you sent! LOL
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    OH sneekly little me ------I got the house cleaned yesterday....well first thing we do for 15 minutes is sit and have kissy huggy time. Everyone seemes to need that most after being left alone for so long. I brought them a clock radio - put on Cha Cha music,,,,Poms are a natural at latina dancing....

    But after I got all the stuff picked up and the floors moped, and rinsed - I took one of this gals quilts (she collects them) and put it on the fainting sofa. Then I got (omg this was my most amazing feat of the year yet) all of the Poms to wait (channeling the dog whisperer - I AM THE PACK LEADER) SIT, STAY to get up on the couch and STAY....AHGHT, STTTTTST, (snap) STTTTTST....and took their picture for their Mommie. OMG it was so much fun. They all sat there ----except for the oldest little girl who is aptly named ATTITUDE - and we had a come to DOG meeting about who was the all but ONE of the pictures is with her on the top pillow looking away - It's a scream - I finally said - Attitude....THIS IS FOR YOUR MOMMY not for me----and she looked at me, perked her ears....I made smoochie noises----and got the best shot of the couch, quilt and all the poms. Then I took individual pics of each of them doing something so adorable you could just scoop them with a spoon. And lil' miss Attitude is sitting up - with one paw in the air like a circus is ADORABLE. OMG they are all such loves.

    Their Mommy came back today and she rocked their world. They were so happy to see her. We showed her how we must SIT if we want a cookie - cause the babysitter thinks some people get two cookies cause she can't remember who got one if they run around (smart buggers) - And all I say is "What do we do if we want a cookie? We have to....? We have to do what?" and by golly they sit....and the ones that didn't don't get cookies until they do. Then the baby came in.....and O.M.....I think she gained 10 lbs....I made her an ice block for her teething and showed the lady how to freeze washcloths for her gums .....puppies love that.

    Then I left and now I have pictures to give her - Not sure if I'm going to paint them in an antique style portrait or just do the photo album with one 11x14 picture. Depends on how much time I have...but it's her gift from me for letting me get to know all of them. Ohhhh and I got to meet and hold the kitty today - then I find out the cat hates EVERYONE....well....I took her picture too. And told them she curled up in my lap....they looked at each other and back at me. Apparently I'm now the cat whispurrrrr er. lol (snort) purrrr er. I think it has something to do with the fact that my cat hates ME....:redface: - ungreatful puss.

    Yeah - and then someone threw 2 puppies in our ditch last night - Skinny, so skinny. We made a donation to the shelter and took them in today so they could get a Mommy of their own - and the little boy looked like Dobby the House elf on Harry Potter. The little girl was some kind of black and tan Daschund mix....but they were so scared, skinny and still.....they come to people. They're just amazing. I cried all the way out of the shelter because of what they must have thought of us leaving them there. Too little to understand it all. People are such (insert foul word). DF handed me a kleenex and said "If we hit the lottery darling."

    And we just took in a baby 3lb poodle last week and found HIM a home with a poodle rescue Friday - WHAT is WRONG with people?