Mom, who's the best salesperson?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Nov 18, 2011.

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    difficult child is selling something called Sensies (SP?-) for a fundraiser for a Peer Partner program he is involved in. From what I can tell it is a program where regular ed kids work with kids with disabilities.

    It is so funny to watch him. He gets dropped off at my school every day after his school day. He is asking everyone and anyone if they will buy something. Yesterday someone was walking down the hall and he yells out, "Hey you, come here!" He has actually sold quite a bit and is so proud of himself. The teachers are all getting a kick out of him. He is hilarious. Seriously if he didn't have his disability he could probably sell anything to anybody.

    He thinks he is the best salesperson ever and keeps asking me to tell him who the best salesperson is. If I don't answer with him he is sure to point out that he is the best salesperson ever.

    It's so nice to see him excited about something so positive. Also he was so sweet yesterday when we were driving home. He told husband and me that if he earns any Target gift certificates for selling the product he is going to give them to husband and me. He said he is always writing us letters and cards for our birthdays and Christmas and this time he wants to buy us something. We reassured him that he didn't need to but right now he is insisting. Sometimes this kid of mine amazes me.
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    Scentsys( wax fragrance lamp) actually really nice. That IS something to be encouraged by. Good for you guys!!!
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    Awww, that is just too cute!! Who's the best salesperson?! LOL
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    I love your son! I'd probably be sucked in so easily my wallet would be drained. Not once has Q ever thought to get me something for any holiday but not for the item, the thought ...I ask Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) workers or teachers to have him make a card or get a gift which I provide funds for ...LOL. two years ago he bought a gift card holder (thought a card came with it all for $2,heehee. And he asked for paper and wrap and it was the size of a mini basketball by the time it was under the tree, tape around the whole thing so I couldn't even find how to open it! He needs a prompt but does do ok with it once told. I think he needs to learn the importance of giving. Help...or letters or gifts.
    It's just so special that ur son said that. It really is the thought that counts.
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    Awwww how cute! Mine was pretty good at selling cookies when she was in scouts. Maybe we should come up with something to sell and send them out together. :)